Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Late Bruce

Homophobic, racist, misogynist, blunt. No not me you fool. The late Bruce Ruxton, retired president of the Returned Serviceman's League.

I only went once to Partner's Tavern I think. It must have been the original location of the Lotus Club. Wednesday night comes to mind. I think it was in Port Melbourne. It was known as a gay hotel and run by a guy, his wife and his boyfriend. Hey, it worked for them.

One evening in came Mr Ruxton for a meal, accidentally I suppose . He may have been homophobic, but it didn't stop him having a fine old time in the company of gay men.

For all his faults, I understand he helped many many returned service men. Few people are all bad.


  1. Maybe he just talked homophobic ka-ka so the good old boys would think he was an "alright" guy, but he was really gay. We have a lot of that kind of thing here, no walking what you talk.

  2. I've always been of two minds about Bruce. [As if I do so much with one I deserve another!]
    Did he not also campaign strongly to keep returned service women out of the RSL?

    Many older members of my family were once, like Bruce, "a product of their time" but have mellowed mightily with age. Perhaps he did too but we never heard because he was no longer in the public eye?

    But I agree - he fought vigorously for the welfare of returned service men and deserves to be remembered for this.

  3. True that... noone is ALL bad.

    On one hand, the right wing, royalist and probably xenophobic Ruxton claimed 'ethnics and anti-British elements' were responsible for a lack of patriotism in Australia. I had to turn tv off when Ruxton was interviewed :(

    On the other hand, when my grandfather was in hospital with war injuries, Ruxton helped my grandmother with the bureaucratic hurdles that blocked access to my grandfather's entitlements.

    Rest in peace.

  4. Bit like a politician hey Rubye. There were rumours but he was married, if that means anything.

    He did FruitCake, along with resistance to Viet vets too. Let's face it, we all mellow. The black and white of our youth becomes decidedly grey.

    Such are the complexities Hels. I think he deliberately liked to provoke.

  5. They'll never be another Bruce Ruxton because they broke the mould :-).

  6. oh man I can't take anyone with eyebrows like that seriously!!

  7. Which may not be a bad thing Windsmoke.

    Fen, I never get why guys let their eyebrows look so silly. Old men really do need a good plucking.

  8. I agree about the eyebrows, most old men look like they've got great hairy caterpillars crawling across their foreheads!
    As for Bruce.....RIP I suppose.

  9. He's gone now, is he?

    I can't honestly say that I'm sad about it - in my lifetime he was always an attention seeking old dinosaur that ended up being ridiculed and pitied rather than listened to.

    He's got eyebrows you could sit a cup of tea on!

  10. The Kyle Sandilands of his day? (Only a bit nicer.)

  11. His intense Sense Of Fairness may have come from a too-strict upbringing. he was threatened by The Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club taking part in the ANZAC Day march, and that was sad because they were the absolute perfect finale - the roaring Harleys and all with HUGE Australian flags off the back. It was tremendous to see.
    TheAge used to run a page 2 person portrait and Chris Beck took the portraits so they ran his one of Ruxton and the cockatoo for his death news. They failed to give Chris Beck credit and I'd bet the ranch he phoned in fury.

    off topic apols but did you all enjoy that Karkrashians 72-day marriage has been topped by Sinead O'Connor's 16-day breakdown?
    5 kids with 5 different fathers. Nothing compares 2 that.

  12. A bit more sincere methinks LS.

    Ann, I didn't see the photo of the cocky in the paper but I remember when it was first published.

    Karkrashians? I must have missed that Doctor Who episode.

  13. River, they need a good plucking. No excuse for it.

    Yep Kath. Dinosaur is an apt description.