Friday, December 16, 2011

Ian 'Molly' Meldrum

I was reminded the other day of something I had forgotten, when Mike Willisee opened his current affairs show somewhat tired and emotional and quite giggly. The following night his opposition on another commercial tv current affairs show opened his show with, 'I'm Derryn Hinch and I'm sober'.

Just thought I'd tell you that because I thought it was funny at the time. There really is no connection to Molly falling off a ladder. Yes, Molly likes a drink and I am the last person to criticize anyone for that, but I believe he is now somewhat of a fitness freak, who generally foresake alcohol. Molly is or was a regular at his local hotel in Richmond, DTs, one that we often visited too. While occasionally a drag queen would draw attention to Molly, he was generally left to own devices.

So without personal contact, but just what I have picked up by his behaviour, demeanour and quite often being in the same bar as him, he seemed like a thoroughly nice and decent bloke. What better compliment can you pay to an Australian male.

I think it would be fair to suggest that Molly is a Melbourne, if not Australian institution. It is said that once over fifty, men should not get up on ladders. I won't go that far, but you have got to be very careful and aware.

Get well soon Molly. Melbourne still needs you.

Molly pre hat days with some foreign bloke.

More like the Molly we know and love, with our Kyles.


  1. I to hope Molly recovers real soon because he will be sorely missed by a lot of people especially by the wonderful gang at Hey, Hey Its Saturday should he pass away :-).

  2. After the news this morning, I started wallowing in 1960s nostalgia, especially about Molly, Bandstand and Countdown.

    You knew Molly as a regular at the local - very cool. I did not, but I knew Issi Dye from school and saw Issi irregularly after Year 12. That is how I met, once or twice, people like Molly Meldrum and Normie Rowe.

    I wish him a speedy recovery. For our entire generation's sake.

  3. Fingers crossed for Molly - a 'decent bloke' is the perfect way to describe him.

    I never knew if he had a significant other....? Is he by his bedside?

  4. Poor Molly, I truly hope he recovers and that the damage caused isn't too severe.

  5. oh dear Kath - re 'his significant other' - probably waiting for him at that bar he owns in Bangkok where he intended to go after the party that's not on tonight.
    I've also met him.

  6. In his non-music-guru persona Molly came across as a very genuine bloke.
    My fingers are crossed.

  7. Windsmoke, except for Daryl who seems to not like anyone connected with the show.

    Lucky you Hels. I had such a crush on Issi. I shiver at the memory. I have seen a photo of him of late. I no longer shiver. He was just so exotic. Now it all adds up, rag trade ads for ex Flinders Lane merchants.

    Kath, he had an Thai boyfriend for quite a number of years, but I don't think he is around now. Really not sure about now.

    Prognosis is good Fen. How is yours?

    There you go Ann. His b/f is managing Molly's Bangkok bar.

    He can be quite witty too FruitCake.

  8. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Like most people growing up during the '70s, my family and I tuned into Countdown every Sunday night. Molly was a huge part of my childhood and young adulthood. I hope he recovers fully. It would be a very sad way for him to go. V.

  9. I don't know Molly, but just last night I was thinking about how hypocritical all the night shows have gotten. I miss the days when stars like Don Rickles, Dean Martin... would come on the Johnny Carson show half drunk. We did a lot more laughing in those days. Ah well.

  10. It must have been one of the few times he wasn't wearing that ubiquitous hat.

  11. V, there were the hours of rubbish we sat through while watching Countdown, but still we came back, week after week.

    Rubye, there was some live tv back then too, where things could go wrong, and often did. There is so little now that is not rehearsed and rehearsed.

    Might have broken the fall a bit Victor.

  12. I heard on the TV news tonight that Molly is still in a coma.
    I hope he recovers fully and soon. A lot of people will miss him.
    We never watched Countdown through the seventies, for some unknown reason my first hubby hated Molly and refused to let us watch.

  13. Unsure yet, going to see the surgeon Monday afternoon. Will post when I know more.

  14. Homophobia River? Actually, he was a bumbling idiot at times back then.

    Yeah Fen. I saw on FB.

  15. Spiky, just a affectionate way of saying Kylie.

  16. I remember the interview with Prince Charles. It was a disaster. What I didn't know when I saw it was the backstory. Molly had come into the studio, where HRH Prince Charles was seated, waiting to do the interview. Molly came in, leaned over, tapped HRH on the shoulder and said, (wtte) "I saw your mum in London last week riding in a guilded carriage." to which HRH icily replied "Do you mean Her Majesty the Queen?"

    (There was a clue, even back then and long since confirmed that Charles is an A-grade prat.)

    Not surprisingly, after such a vicious put-down when Molly tried to interview him he couldn't. It was painful and, of course, it's been immortalised on youtube. Here it is .

    Get well soon MM.

  17. PB, I remember watching the interview, or I think I do. I have certainly seen it. It was very painful to watch. I didn't realise 'Didn't I see your Mum....' wasn't part of the interview. I must have seen it since. I am sure if Molly had his time over with that interview... Had Charlie fallen off a ladder, I doubt there would have been such a passionate response.

  18. Yeah. I can't remember where I read it or saw it. I think it was a rock documentary. Molly said that now, as a republican, HRH wouldn't faze him at all, but back then...

    I should try and find a reference for it... back in a mo'...

    ...Here we are. It's in wikipedia, so it must be true... :-) . The Oracle says:

    "Meldrum was noted for several on-screen gaffes, although the most "famous" of all never actually appeared on screen. In a much retold incident, a clearly anxious Meldrum gushed during an interview on 13 November 1977 with Prince Charles , "I saw your Mum in London in a carriage!" to which the Prince icily replied, "Are you referring to Her Majesty the Queen?"[11][51] Although this incident is often related by Meldrum in interviews, it was never broadcast."

  19. Nice work PB. I am not sure about the much retold. I have seen it several times, broadcast on tv. But as you say, clearly it did not go to air on Countdown. Our media never showed Liz throwing shoes and a tennis racquet at Phil one morning after they slept in a chalet here in Victoria. The footage was destroyed. At least the Charles footage was kept.