Sunday, December 11, 2011

I luv Telstra

Hmmm, no email facility from 6pm Friday to late Saturday afternoon. I was not so stressed. It is rare that there are email problems nowadays and I correctly forecast that there wasn't an invitation to tea with Julia in Altona in my email inbox.

Apparently, email was not working because of a serious security breach at Telstra and Telstra shut the whole thing down. Golly gosh, someone could have seen our email password, xxxxxxxxx, and read our emails. What an exciting time they would have had. They have probably forsaken a Saturday night out with mates and are still reading our emails.

The www still worked, which is the main thing.

But, and isn't there always one, my day off, Friday, internet was down all morning into early afternoon. Nothing to do with the security breach. It was a server problem. The techie bloke left an e-note at the call centre to let the them know he was out fixing it.

But another but, the net outage affected many people, but no information was available in any recorded sense. I spoke to the the Telstra tech person who investigated and came back with an answer. Telstra tech help is not bad now. God, the hours I have spent on a phone line in the past. He only made a token effort to suggest I unplug and plug in my modem. He then asked the brand of the modem. Once I told him, he said that is very old. It is indeed but it works. He quickly stopped the shite of checking settings at that point, I think realising that I was a long time cable internet user.

So no, internet. I connected up R's laptop to my phone, using it as a modem and blogging went on without a hitch. I did realise that my phone when used as a modem was not secured, that is anyone nearby could tune into it and use the bandwidth to download a three hour movie. I have fixed that.

In summary, internet and email down Friday from 6am to around 1pm, then at 5pm email was shut down until around 3pm Saturday. I am fairly certain that Telstra will offer some sort of compensation.


  1. Compensation? That's cute.

  2. Rubye, however improbable it sounds like you've had dealings with Telstra. Ucch.

  3. Oh yes, all that stuff about the modem and turning it off and on etc... sigh .... been there...... done that..... spent hours..... turns out they had unilaterally changed my password without informing me. I had been trying to tell them there seemed to be a password problem from the outset. Sigh. Double sigh!!

  4. I had internet connection with telstra but kept on getting disconnected even though i paid up front every month. Everytime i complained my computer was to blame for the disconnection even after having it checked out by a computer technician twice and given the all clear both times. I've now been with 3/Vodafone mobile internet broadband for close on two years and not once in that time have i been disconnected. I'll be taking my mobile phone over to 3/Vodafone next year :-).

  5. Your final sentence made me cackle out loud like a madwoman!

  6. You never know Rubye.

    FruitCake, I think it might be the same the world over.

    KN, I jump in now and quickly tell them it is not my computer but a problem at their end.

    Windsmoke, you are doing the reverse of what many do. Pleased you are happy with Voda.

    Kath, there is an idea for a post for you. Telecommunications in Switzerland.

  7. here are some comments on The Age news of the online error where anybody could read all the stuff that only Telstra staff were supposed to be able to access:

    Telstra are a mess. I have had an iPhone for 18 months, which I have never received a bill for, or paid for the phone. despite bringing it to their attention several times. they blame an old billing system, which they cannot generate bills from.... glad I’m not a shareholder!!
    tom | melb - December 09, 2011
    Excellent. Now I can use it to see what plan my girlfriend is on as nobody at Telstra seems to be able to give a clear answer.I hope someone tells Telstra call centre employees about this link so they can get accurate information about accounts. Plettz | Kiama - December 09, 2011
    Just found a guy's details on there who owes me money... it gives me a phone number and after a part that says "Port Modem with delivery address..." it gives an address, I'll take that as his address! it also says date created 2011-01-17... so I reckon he'll still be there... thanks Telstra! Cameron | Melbourne - December 09, 2011

  8. Em Stacks, if the comments are true, there was serious potential for damage to people.

  9. your Labels say Telstra (1), but looky look, here's another:
    Telstra Big Pong
    Lately I have been deliriously happy with Telstra Big Pond cable service. But there have been times when it has truly pissed me off. Mainly around two years to eighteen months ago when it was just not working. How many calls I made to the tech desk, knowing in my heart that the fault was not at my end. But even tech support is better now. It only takes two minutes of listening and pressing buttons to hear that, 'Victorian bigpond cable customers may be experiencing connection difficulties, slow web browsing and email, or not working at all'
    X X X

  10. Yes, that was before I started putting labels on posts. I did contemplate going back and doing it, but there are just too many.

  11. 27th Feb. TELSTRA
    'will charge customers $49.95 a month for its slowest and most basic NBN service and at least $22.95 a month to keep their telephone line as part of the deal, even if they don't want it.

    The total cost of $72.90 is three times the cheapest wholesale price spruiked by the Federal Government just 14 months ago'

    They are clawing back that $30mill they gave Speedy Gonzales when he went back to the USA to be a director of Target Stores Corpn.

  12. I expect there will be all sorts of bundles set up and other companies who will have access to the NBN will keep the pressure on Telstra. I hadn't heard about Speedy. Interesting.