Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hot in bed

Without a doubt I am hot in bed. I don't expect you would be surprised at that. Our Brother Friends are not so hot in bed. Come winter, they need a doona over a sheet with blankets on top. Yet still they feel cold and wish they were in Thailand where it is warm.

R is inclined to be hot in bed too, but perhaps not the extent I am. For reasons I can't remember, I have a queen sized bed. When I get really hot in bed, I move across the mattress to cooler area. A queen sized bed gives you a good bit of space to move around if you sleep hot.

I love spoon cuddling with someone in bed, my hand cupping, best not go down that road. But I get too hot sleeping with someone. Even before they start snoring and drive me away, ten minutes of body contact and I am on fire.

I use a feather doona over me in the winter, with all the feathers shaken down to the bottom of the doona. In summer, a doubled over cotton sheet is enough. If it is a warm night, I have the overhead fan on as well. If it is stinking hot night, we leave the air con on.

What about you? Are you hot in bed? Or do you like to stack the bedclothes on?


  1. I sleep naked, summer and most of winter although if it is especially cold I may wear a T shirt.

    I suppose intermingling body heat - if I am sleeping with someone - does make me hot in bed too but sadly my days, or should that be nights, of gentlemen callers spending the night seem a distant memory.

    I also enjoy spooning and cupping...ahem...'like what you said'.

  2. You need a cotton/silk filled doona, very expensive but when did I ever stear you to cheap crap.

    One of the things I loved about divorce was the absence of the snoring sweaty hot bloke beside me.

  3. I'm a hot sleeper too, using just the sheet to cover me in summer and often enough tossing that aside too. I have the fan on overnight aimed right at me if the night time temperature is up over thirty. In winter I have the feather doona pulled up to start with but find myself pushing it off more often than not.

  4. I'm a hot sleeper too, but I am the age and gender where such things are expected :-)

  5. Hot hot hot and when I sleep too!

    I sleep with a fan on a lot, it has become a bad habit I think. I dread to think how I would go sleeping with another human in the bed, in fact I honestly don't think I could. The heat, the noise, I am a notoriously light sleeper and I wouldn't get any sleep.

  6. Hahaha! Hot stuff Andrew!!

  7. I do the same Victor, but never with a tee. There was a time when I fantasised about actually sleeping with certain guys. No longer.

    JahTeh, is such a doona to be my christmas present from you? You shouldn't have.

    Gee River, I expected everyone to be cold in bed, instead they are all hot as.

    KN, certainly it must be an age thing. As a kid I had flannelette sheets and later a electric blanket. Around mid thirties I no longer used an electric blanket.

    Of course I would expect you Fen to be hot in bed. I used to sleep light, until I started sleeping with the window open with the noise of cars and trams. Now I hear nothing.

    PDP, double entendre comes very naturally to me. I blame Mr Humphries.

  8. I'm not hot in bed, but Love Chunks is. He's been known to rather kindly roll over towards me when I've got out for a 3am wee in winter and let me spoon him for a while to warm up.

    My feet get so cold that I've given up trying to be young and sexy and now have bed socks on!

  9. I'm always hot in bed one way or another :-).

  10. Seems to be the burning question of the day.

    I simply cannot sleep without a fan. I love the sound and the movement of the air.

  11. Your own personal bedwarmer Kath. I just knew there must be someone cold out there.

    Whatever do you mean Windsmoke?

    Rubye, with your climate, there is no surprise there. I agree, a fan is great.

  12. As a tin lid it was hottie bottle plus feet in the sleeve of a woollen cardie.
    The electric blanket is on my top ten list of the world's greatest inventions.
    Hot shower at night to store some heat under the doona.
    Pooch 1, when positioned correctly, keeps the breezy doona gap closed around my back.
    A cross-current of fresh air makes being cosy cosier.

  13. Anonymous1:20 pm

    I used to think I was hot in bed until I moved to snow country, then it was a whole new ball game! I went from wearing nothing to: flannette pjs, bed socks and a dressing gown. Covering me is a thick doona and a blanket. On the coldest nights, I'm completely burrowed deep under the covers.
    I was a bit surprised by how cold I got but then I realised there's no insulation and no heating in the bedroom. I now have some inkling of what it's like to sleep in an igloo! V.

  14. FruitCake, so another cool sleeper. Even on a cold night, at times I open the window. It is nice being cozy with cool air on your face.

    V, it is odd there is no insulation. At least you have an apartment above you. In Gippsland we used to get snow temperatures in winter, sometimes snow. I don't remember feeling the cold though. If you sleep very soundly and don't move much in bed, you stay warmer than if you toss and turn and let the cold air under the covers.

  15. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Ah but I never sleep without tossing and turning! V.


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