Friday, December 30, 2011

An electric message arrives

Dear reader, I need help. This most absolutely hottest young guy who reads my blog wants to meet me and another blog mate for coffee or a drink. He is in an a relationship, so he does not want me for hanky panky. His loss. He is edjacated, artistic, a high achiever, a professional and young. I am not edjacated, I am not artistic, I am not a high achiever, I am not a professional and at fifty blub blub, I am not young.

Meeting men unknown to me for a hook up, I have no problem with. But this is different. Can I say I am shy? Well, maybe not. Can I get away with I am extremely self concious? Perhaps. I would primp and preen, pluck and shave, colour and highlight, change clothes umpteen times, but at the end of the day, I am still an old man. It is a futile effort. Yet, I don't think he wants to meet an unnatural version of me. He probably wants to meet the real me, the one who has all the confidence in the world on the internet, but not always in real life.

Lordy, it was hard enough meeting blog mates older or around the same age as myself. I just don't think I can do it with a young and vibrant person.

I just checked a nice photo of him from his blog that I saved. Hot dude for sure. How can I tell him that I don't want to meet him, but it is not about him, but my own insecurities?

While I will assemble some kind of reply to him and try to do it so both he and I are left with some self respect, I am just so not sure what to say. Given he has probably already read this and now hates me, perhaps it matters little.

Truth be told, I am not on holidays. R is, and at home. I like to include R in things. Work is difficult at the moment with bad working times. R's Sister is to arrive soon and we are preparing. Sister et al are going to stay for a bit. I just don't see how I could fit any more in.


  1. Since he reads your blog, I think you have just told him all he needs to know to see if he wants to further pursue a meeting with you. :)
    Personally, I love the relative anonymity of the blog world and although I am very attracted to a few people, I could not really imagine meeting them.
    That was shy me. Healthy me says, go for it!

  2. You are being silly. I will meet him first and report back ;-)

  3. Rubye Jack says it all :-).

  4. You might not feel confident revealing the real you to this young man but he already knows your interests and your thoughts through your blog and he wants to meet you. Go for it.

    Don't let Ad Rad get in first! :)

  5. GO FOR IT and MEET HIM. I met the Plastic Mancunian a couple of days before Christmas and am very glad I did.

    I ain't single or young or gorgeous, but it's amazing what friendships and connections are made via our blogs. If he reads your blog, he already knows about R (we *all* do) and how you think, so please don't be worried.

  6. ...and I mean all of the above in nothing but genuine friendship and admiration, so apologies if it came across as yelling or impatient - just have fun :)

  7. Anonymous9:38 am

    OK, OK Highriser I get the message!
    You'll be fine - if you can manage to squeeze him in.

  8. oh Scotty I shreiked!

    but darling Hawt Andrew re -
    'Lordy, it was hard enough meeting blog mates older'
    well I never.
    Yes you are a very reserved person.
    Can't imagine why, because we all adore you so FFS meet him.
    at the Tuscan bar in Bourke St and have a Dirty Tuscan cocktail.
    wait till the R Sister visit is over though.
    x x from Older Blogger

  9. Group meetings of bloggers (or IRC mates or any other social media) are fabulous fun and not to be missed. But meeting in the privacy of a person's home, or meeting with only two people at the gathering is rarely wise. Make sure the partners are all invited.

    I have been to many get-togethers since I started IRCing in 1993, and some of those people have become long term and real friends.

  10. people are never the same in person, compared to the writing persona. Both are good of course, but different. Its nice to have fans of one's writing...people in my real life never read what I write!

  11. I say go ahead and meet up, but make it coffee and take R along if you can. Maybe suggest that the hottie also has a friend along. Ditto the third guy.
    You may find a good friendship group.
    Have fun, and if you don't all get along, well at least you've had an experience to blog about.

  12. P.S. "...all the confidence in the world on the internet..."
    That's me too.
    In real life, I'm the one hiding in corners reading a book, or at least pretending to.

  13. Rubye, I have never regretted meeting anyone, so I should.

    Ok Ad Rad. Test him out for me.

    Windsmoke, she is very wise.

    Victor, I am quite happy to let Ad Rad break him in, so to speak.

    Kath, have you met any others before? All good?

    Haha Scott. I'm good at squeezing.

    Ann, I listen to my elders. A Dirty Tuscan it is.

    Hels, I don't think I could do a big blog meeting. Wouldn't it like being a stranger at a party?

    Poet, that gives you great liberty if no one you know reads yours.

    River, if we didn't get along, I wouldn't write about it. What you did in Sydney would have been too much for me I think.

  14. great liberty Andrew? I wish, unfortunately I have a textbook on defamation from a course I did last year...I don't understand all of it but the bits I do are a worry:)

  15. Get thee along and meet him - with others at hand and after the stress of the sister visit.

  16. Fer pete's sake, grow a pair Drewan!
    You are not old, you are vibrant and you have enough confidence to ride on trams. You never know he might be fascinated by the oldie days of swinging gaydom. (that's for the older blog mates remark, swine)

  17. Poet, oh. And do I defame regularly?

    Def after English sister comes Jayne.

    Jah Teh. He has straight hair. I don't want to make it curl with my old tales.

  18. Yes I have, Andrew and am about to blog about it today :)

  19. I read Kath's post and wondered again about this 'unejacated' soul, and then I saw you at Christine's place on Erica. Ah the joys of blogdom.

  20. Elisabeth, the incestuousness of blogging surprises me too. Now I have to see what Kath has written.

  21. Just reading all te comments has been so interesting... a dilemma for sure but no doubt its all sorted now

  22. MC, it is kind of sorted. I think the comments are the most interesting part of my blog. So, can I guess you are now in Melbourne?

  23. I agree with what Rubye Jack says. If he reads your blog, he's probably read this post and knows what you're feeling.

    Why is it easier for some of us to say what we want to say on a blog rather than just saying it directly to the person?

    Anyway, I hope you're meeting is wonderful. I think he'll end up being charmed by you.

  24. Dina, you have certainly had some good experiences with meeting people too. Cheers and a happy new year to you, Tim and Jack.

  25. andrew, to my mind defamation is very much in the eye of the beholder. I said I didnt understand it too well....Of course I dont think you defame anyone! But in fiction its wise to completely disguise anyone who may recognise themselves in real life...give the characteristics of three people into one character

  26. I meant originally that just because no one I know reads my writing doesnt mean I am safe:)

  27. you worry far too much.

  28. Course I do Fen. I know my faults.

  29. I guess it's all academic now - you've probably made your decision one way or the other! So now I look forward to a follow up post - I'm yet to meet any of my blog pals, but that's because I'm not sure if I want the bubble to be burst either way!!!!

  30. Red, I have found that bubbles don't burst, but perhaps just change shape slightly.