Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas in the city

Instead of the very expensive and quite horrible metal christmas tree that has graced our 'city square', yes that gravel patch where commercial enterprise in a public space is welcome, but not protesters against the avarice of big business such as Occupy Melbourne, this year City of Melbourne may have scored a goal with these temporary trees and attractions for children. It looked pretty enchanting to me.

Falun Gong cult woman harassing passersby to the far right.

I rather like salvia, but I don't think it is very fashionable in gardens now.

Same old tree went up in the public area of the Highrise. Ever so tasteful, just like a department store tree.


  1. Sadly a lot of other councils are real grinches this year because of insurance costs its just an excuse in my books. I'll bet my bottom dollar the grinch councils will still have their annual christmas party costing thousands of ratepayers money instead of erecting christmas decorations in the streets :-(.

  2. I see that your influence in the High Rise extends to tasteful images of trams in the foyer. Nice one.

  3. Anonymous5:06 pm

    This year we have a real Christmas tree in the train station that was sent from Canada - not sure why. Anyway, the station is looking quite festive at the moment. V.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    We do rather like the red bows which, with the edging and the 'dreaded' salvia, do look rather festive and colourful.

    Sadly the impersonal tree in the entrance hall of your block does, as you say, look as if it is straight from a department store where, most likely, it would be more at home.

  5. I really like the "children's Christmas garden", and I think your "department store" tree is very pretty.
    I like salvias in all their colours.

  6. I pulled out our 'tree', for the main hall, from storage last night.

    It's a bit shorter than yours, decorated with shiny red balls, red boxes and flicker lights. I only had to plug the lights in, turned down the electrical muzak and rearrange some of the branches. After January 6 [3 kings] it goes back in storage fully dressed up for another 11 months.

  7. C'mon Windsmoke, given the standard of local council decorations, isn't it better they are left in their boxes for a year?

    Victor, there about half a dozen of similar, older scenes of Melbourne. I did not choose them, but they are rather nice.

    V, your station christmas sponsored by the profits from Mr Donut, whose profits we contributed to.

    JayLa, sad to confess, we had rather a lot to do with the tree in its first year. It was not quite so twee then.

    Thanks River. I used to grow salvia, orange and red and maybe even a green.

    Peter, that is what seems to be happening here too. People leave their tree decorated and shove it away. At least our building's does get taken down each year and redone.

  8. Looks like they've done a rather nice job this year.

    We don't have a Christmas tree in the foyer of our high rise, but the concierge has gone nuts for tinsel and baubles - even in the lift!

  9. Tastefully arranged I hope Kath.

  10. LOL Falun Gong's a cult now is it?

  11. Course it is Fen. More religious hokus pokus.