Monday, December 12, 2011


I can no longer say Brighton without affectation. Brighton Beach, the location of my favourite Melbourne train station, is a different matter. Here are a few snaps. I took more of the station back here.

Another subway closed. Why are they being closed and filled in? I would have thought it was better to walk under the line than cross it.

Siganl box closed, but it is a two part drop sign, so it could be open at times.

The signal box has an air con unit, so it must be used sometimes.

What happened to the Green Point Cafe? There was no evidence of a cafe being there within the station. It is not advertising for the cafe located elsewhere?

I shouldn't have looked down as I boarded the train. There was the biggest gap I have ever seen between the platform and the train. I felt like some do when looking down from heights.


  1. I know the one at Bentleigh was closed because it regularly flooded and you'd be thigh deep in water. Surely it would be easier to put drainage in than fill it up and make people cross the tracks. Bentleigh is a prime example of that idea failing, with how many deaths in the last few years?

  2. Braghton?
    Oh how terribly posh!
    I don't like big gaps between train and platform either. I've lost so many kids down those gaps.....(tongue in cheek)

  3. There was a time when everything in Australia was [based on] British - e.g. "The Postmaster General", or A B telephone boxes. Then the world turned upside down.
    And so I laughed when, earlier this year, I started using trains again and saw the legend "Mind The Gap" stencilled onto the edges of platforms.

  4. Automatic signalling is the most likely reason for the signalbox closure :-).

  5. Fen, I think they all flood. Just don't use it if it floods. I think most would need pumps rather than just drains. Bentleigh is a good example.

    River, I recall an old man fell down between a gap here in Melb. Think he was ok. I am sure there were times when you felt like losing your kids down a gap.

    FruitCake, but without the crystal clear announcements that accompany the signs in London. Actually, I have noticed of late how much we are still taking from Britain and the Continent, rather than the US.

    It would be FruitCake, and I would have thought fully auto, so the signal box would never be used.

  6. I was shocked by The Gap on platform 1 at Malvern station last week, and Fen is right that drainage pumps have got to be cheaper than a total rebuild. the underpass at Greville Street on Prahran station was filled in - stupid.

  7. Ann, I'd guess they would argue that people often don't use the subways, so they have to provide proper crossing points anyway. I was truly surprised at the gap, as mentioned. I don't remember noticing at all before, anywhere.