Monday, December 05, 2011

Bali Boy

What does an Indonesian judge earn? What about a police prosecutor? I would imagine in their lifetime they might earn AU$300,000.

It rather strikes me that the next young person, perhaps a teenager too, might be dealt with rather severely by Indonesia's judicial system should they note that Bali Boy, the convicted fourteen year old drug user, profits by the rumoured $300,000 back in here in Australia by selling his story to tabloid media.

You can be sure Australia applied a very firm hand to this matter with a good result for Bali Boy. Australia's firm hand may not be so effective next time, but why would Bali Boy care. He is fine now that he is safely home. Screw everyone else.

I hope the lad resumes his life and we hear no more of him. Should we see him in tabloid media, it will show serious disrespect to Indonesia and there are already so many ways Indonesia earns disrespect, it does not need any put on it from elsewhere, least of all by a fourteen year old kid.


  1. ... and his parents need a slap as well. for taking him to Kuta effing Beach for godssakes, and leaving him to roam alone. the whole thing smells. little brat.

  2. I hope he fades back into his regular life too.
    And for heaven's sake, he was 14, well old enough to know better than to buy drugs from a street vendor in a country that likes to toss kids in jail for doing just that. He should know better that to buy drugs at all....

  3. No parents can be perfect but in this case I suspect some are less perfect than others.
    You are absolutely right, Andrew. We do not need to be dissing an entire nation to protect [let alone reward] this boy - or his adult role models.

  4. ...Hear hear. Let's hope we never see or hear from this brat again.

  5. I have wondered whether the elaborate disguise he has worn whilst detained was to protect his privacy or to protect his newsworthiness when his face is finally plastered all over some television 'current affairs' program. But then I am a cynical soul.

  6. I've no doubt in my mind that the dollars will start rolling in for him to tell his story even though the parents need to take a long hard look at themselves for allowing this to happen in the first place :-).

  7. the news is not good: from this mornings HeraldSun-
    'Australian Federal Police had helped the boy and his father avoid cameras by leading them out a side exit at the airport … Once safely at home .. the boy - or his older brother - taunted media with hand gestures and was seen whistling and sniggering at a window above the hessian.
    efforts to avoid media that followed seemed to belie denials that the family had made a $350,000 exclusive deal with a television network. At home, the boy's father joined his son's shenanigans yesterday afternoon, at times taking photographs out the window and laughing loudly. Eventually he called police. Two uniformed officers arrived at the house about 3pm, and spoke to the father. "He said he wants you all charged and dragged away," a police spokesman said.'
    these people are rubbish

  8. Brownie, I would have thought parents still need to exercise some control of a fourteen year old.

    River, I can only guess that he is not cured of his desire for drugs, just to be more careful.

    Kath, we can only hope.

    Victor, you are probably right. Creating a bit of an enigma. At the time, it only took a couple of minutes searching to find his name and a face pic, even after the electric newspapers pulled theirs.

    Windsmoke, while I doubt it is legal for a crime not committed in Australia, the government has indicated they will want the profits from any such publicity.

    There you go Em Stacks. You are up to date, and I am not yet. Not boding well, is it.

  9. What Brownie and Em Stacks said - sweep 'em into the nearest tip with the rest of the garbage.

  10. Quite happily do so Jayne, but I am supposed to have a social conscience. I pretend I have.

  11. He'll become the next Corey whatsisname, the sunglasses and party moron.

  12. Worthington. That's what I thought too.