Sunday, January 01, 2012

Annual Blog Award

Oh, the grandiosity of moi that I think I can give out blog awards. I do kind of remember that I may have done this before, but I am not sure. Good on you if you got a gig in the past. Many are so worthy.

This year my blog award goes to someone who posts almost daily, mixes her posts with personal stuff, photos, life and art. She also has a sense of humour but also plays her cards discretely.

That is almost enough, but she also replies to comments in her blog and makes comments on other blogs, including mine.

Take a bow curtsey River.

Peter gets an honourable mention for his wonderful and always changing wallpapers.

While it is said that blogging is dying, I have a fine motley crew of blog mates who just keep on posting. A happy 2012 to you all.


  1. I have been awfully remiss in posting over the past months. The thing whereby 'real life' takes up nearly 100% of your attention militates against blogging.

    Hopefully in the fullness of time and 2012 that should change, but who but Nostradamus can predict? (And his predictions were riddled with dodginess.)

    Andrew, you deserve an elephant/lion stamp for your dedication to dutiful and delightful blogging. (Keep it up, as the actress said to the bishop and his bevy of choir boys.)

  2. I prefer blogging to the Facebook phenomena. I only went over there (to the other side) because so many of my blog mates did the same or elected to choose to close blogging for Facebook. I much rather in here. When settled and not so much yard work to do am looking forward to picking it up more. Congrats to River and Peter

  3. Congrats to River and Peter!

    Hope 2012 is good to you and R :)

  4. Thank you so much Andrew!!
    Now I've got a silly grin on my face...
    Congratulations to Peter too, I'll have to pop over and see his blog.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Congrats to Peter and River,
    and a fantastic twenty-twelve to Andrew and all your mates:)

  6. congrats to River and Peter! and Happy new year to you Andrew!

  7. Thank you for the honorable mentioning. Hope you're start in the New Year was one without a headache.

    To all friends down-under make 2012 the best ever

  8. Hooray & a Happy New Year to everyone who drops by your blog Andrew. I hope you're keeping cool on this stinking hot day x

  9. Cheers LS. Even my life gets in the way at times.

    Look forward to more when you are settled MC.

    Thanks Jayne.

    Pleasure River. You deserved it.

    Cheers FruitCake.

    Thanks very much Beet. Just read of your pending move. Good luck.

    All was good NY morning Peter.

    I wasn't keeping cool at all Fen. I shall write.

  10. Congratulations and well deserved, River!! Will be off to visit Peter soon too!!!

    Hard to believe I've had blog buddies for nearly two years!!

  11. Only two years River? I thought you had been around much longer, meant in the kindest manner of course.