Friday, November 11, 2011

What got up my goat's nose this week

I saw Banyule when it was an art gallery but then it was sold by Kennett the Evil. It was a pretty location, looking out over the valley and it also looked great as we floated above it in a balloon. But vacant land.....can't have that. There are profits to made for business. Resident Judge of Port Phillip will inform you much better than I can.

I may have listened to ABC's Radio National Book Show once or twice. I can only listen to so much on the wireless, notwithstanding podcasts. Romana Koval, its presenter, is on extended leave, after seemingly being frozen out. While I particularly remember Romana from her 3LO days, I know she is a first class presenter, and when people like her have trouble with management, so do I.

We have become too relaxed about shops. We were ripped off for $6 by Target this week and I was ripped off by $3 at a bakery. These put me on alert, and so picked the $5 short change in a cafe yesterday. I've had my whinge about supermarkets for the week and R should have known better, but just because two tissue boxes are of a similar size and a similar price, it does not mean the top brand one is good value, not when instead of there being 200 tissues in the box, there are only 95.

Wow, a snap train strike, The Age reports.

Metro services halted after train strike

As an attention grabbing headline it worked, but the story was about a man who was struck by a train.

I am rather good at whinging, aren't I. I could go on. I will leave you with these photos, the first of the Victorian streetscape of Swan Street, Richmond. The second, the beginning of the destruction of the Victorian streetscape of Swan Street. The project has been approved by the amusingly named Heritage Victoria. Their web site talks the talk, but their actions do not walk the walk. City of Yarra better damn well take the case to VCAT, oh, perhaps not. We know what VCAT is like. Photos from The Age.


  1. For some bizarre reason, I only recently figured out that I should double check my receipts. They do indeed rip you off if you aren't vigilant. Such is our world today.

  2. Rubye, you often don't know if it is intentional or not, but I think mostly it isn't.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Happily we are able to add to this that in all of our years in Hungary we have never, knowingly, been short changed and this in a currency which runs into thousands and millions very easily indeed. Perhaps we have just been very fortunate.

  4. What is that awful mirrored monstrosity in the second picture??

    I always check how many tissues are in a box before I buy them. I get the ones with 200 or 224 every time.
    You'll need to be more vigilant about checking shelf prices and what rings up at the checkout.

  5. I suppose after the glittering disco ball building goes up I won't be able to see the Dimmeys clock from the train any more. :(
    The Bryant and May clock just doesn't conjure up the same old memories, but I suppose it too will be built in soon enough. Not whingeing but crying into a box of tissues.

  6. Funny JayLa. I made assumptions, that Hungary is EC and that is uses Euros. Seems not on one count at least perhaps.

    River, that awful mirrored monstrosity is an awful mirrored monstrosity. Woolies home brand tissues are not too bad.

    Probably not FruitCake, and nor will we see it from here. Hang on. We can't see it. It the BM clock we can see. But I still don't want Dimmeys back view destroyed. Worse, it is a precedent for Richmond development. I both knew and it has been proved what precedents are all about.

  7. Another way you are being ripped off is that your favourite product has been reduced in weight and size but not the price it happened to a popular block of chocolate. What an evil looking building in the 2nd photo its definitely not in keeping with the character of the area :-).

  8. Been happening so long Windsmoke. Reduce the size without reducing the price. Best to not publicise it. Less baked beans in a tin, less sheets of toilet paper, less sprinkles on Savoury Shapes.

  9. ooh thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to look up some podcasts. Done.

  10. I have a serious backlog Fen.