Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wearing the carpet out

I sit at the computer desk with my computer screen reading glasses on, glasses a little weaker than reading glasses. I stand up, walk through to my bedroom and often on to my bathroom. I remove my glasses and put them on the vanity bench, do what I have do and return to the computer desk.

I realise I have left my glasses in my bathroom. I get up again and go to my bathroom and retrieve them and return to the computer desk. Or, I will get to my bathroom and forget why I am there or get distracted by something and for the second time return to the computer desk without my glasses.

It also happens with reading glasses. All of my glasses end up on my vanity unit.

What am I to do? Contact lenses? A house with a staircase between the computer desk and bathroom? At least I would get good exercise. A chain around my neck to hang my glasses from? But which pair? Buy more glasses?

I'll do nothing. I quite like my little walks back and forth.


  1. You enjoy your walkies lol, it'll keep you out of mischief on that interweb thingie :P

  2. Ha ha! Too cute.

  3. ha ha from me too Fen - I'm just the same. beware the specs-chain solution, because when they hang in front of you, they fall into drawers and get caught on things when you lean forward. X X

  4. Why do you remove the glasses when you're in the bathroom? are you unable to see with them on? In that case why not remove them while you're at your desk and put them beside the computer? Or just push them up on top of your head.

  5. Professor Branestawm had a special pair of glasses for looking for all the pairs of glasses he couldn't find.

  6. I only have one pair of glasses which have three different lenses long, medium and short distance for each eye. The answer to your question what is the average age of the resident's living in my block of units, its about 35 years give or take :-).

  7. Nice to have you look after my welfare Jayne.

    You'll be old one day Fen!

    Em Stacks, yes, not for the chain yet.

    River, I can see perfectly after about one metre. It is just short distances and medium to long distance is a blur with glasses on. Yes, I should take them off when I leave the computer, but I just forget.

    Might be on to something there FruitCake.

    Windsmoke, I think it is actually easier if you wear glasses all the time.