Sunday, November 13, 2011

Venting the Highrise

What is behind this drop down flap in the ceiling of the bathroom?

It is a motor with pipes. It is the exhaust fan unit for our apartment.

There is one of these inlets in the bathroom, one in the toilet and one in my en suite. When we moved to the Highrise, we had no idea about the system, but the bathroom and my en suite have two lights, one halogen and one recessed downlight. The toilet only has a downlight. In the bathroom and ensuite, the halogen lights are separate, but the downlight light switch turns the fan on, as does the toilet downlight.

Some parts of the Highrise ceiling are lower, to allow for the ducting, as you can see in my bedroom with my en-suite just to the left.

Back in the bathroom where the laundry is too, the clothes dryer air outlet joins the flexible tubes to be vented outside.

The range hood joins the large venting tube above the cupboards.

The tube runs around the lounge room through this bulkhead and passes above the aircon unit.

And all the vented air comes out here and if you have everything on, including the clothes dryer and range hood, it is quite a force of air.

I'm afraid my green credentials, idealistic as they are, don't run to the exhaust system. We leave the large unit running much of the time when we are home and not in bed. It is nice to pull the car fumes fresh air into the Highrise.

By closing doors, ventilation can be targeted. Say the bathroom is inclined to fog up, then close my bedroom door and the toilet door and extra ventilation happens in the bathroom.

My bedroom being at the opposite end of the apartment to the air con unit, can get quite warm at times in the summer. I close the bathroom, toilet and the two in between bedroom doors, and the inlet in my en-suite pulls cool air into my bedroom. If R is lucky, I might leave his bedroom door open and a little cool air is deflected into his bedroom as it passes by on its way to my bedroom and ensuite. Kind, aren't I.


  1. I couldn't live in a High Rise as i much prefer to open all my windows and doors to let the sounds of nature and some fresh air enter :-).

  2. wow, there is so much ducting1 In my flat I have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, ducted to the back porch, and the range hood in the kitchen ducted to the outside wall directly behind it.
    I wish I could duct the dryer to the outside, but the bathroom exhaust fan is quite powerful and copes quite well, especially since I hang the clothes first and only use the dryer if I need stuff that hasn't quite dried yet.

  3. I have a front door and a back door.

    Couldn't you have made this more interesting by having your underwear revolving in the dryer? Socks aren't interesting.

    Do you have insurance for when it all drops on your head when the earthquake hits?

    So many questions so little time.

  4. Windsmoke, we do plenty of that too.

    River, it is very good to have ducts to the outside rather than filters etc that don't work well.

    Jah Teh, I wish I checked with you first, as I certainly would have displayed something in the dryer. I almost want to redo the post. Apparently we do have insurance for a quake. I thought our building would gently sway side to side. Instead it bounces up and down.

  5. "instead it bounces up and down", of course it does.

    Where is the wit of Milord Sedgwick when you need him.

  6. Jayne, I'll keep my knuckles away from you when you have your fan handy.

    Rather fun Jah Teh.


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