Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Traveller Stamp

A friend has been travelling. He sent a couple of cards, one from Thailand and one from Malaysia. The Malaysian stamp looks rather nice, but the Thai one looks like, well, it looks like an elephant stamp. I used to get them at school, well, rarely.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    As you say, a most unusual stamp from Thailand, but very attractive in its simplicity. And,just what, we are keen to know, did you receive 'elephant stamps' for in school? Jumbo jumping? Jumbo jottings? Please tell!!

  2. Well done very humourous indeed. I never once got an elephant stamp at school, don't ya feel sorry for poor me? :-).

  3. Once - just once - I got a holy picture. Never any stamps. I'm happy that at least you got some and are still getting them. Really.

  4. JayLa, I can assure it was not for algebra but perhaps it was for a nifty reference to what someone else wrote.

    Windsmoke, perhaps you were a gold star person.

    Don't worry FruitCake. Not being the brightest child hasn't impinged too much on your life.

  5. You are too kind, Andrew. Thank you.