Sunday, November 06, 2011

The stupid lift people

We were on the fifth floor of Myer today and needed to go to the basement level. Rather than use the escalators, we used the lift. There must have a lot of people up looking at tech stuffs on the sixth floor as the lift was nearly full when it arrived going down. Room for us was made. The lift stopped at the fourth floor but the family with a pram realised they could not fit in.

A grandmother pointed out to grandson, look at the screen, and you can see the floor number.

We arrived at ground floor, R stepped out to let people out and no one moved. There was a bloke with a pram effectively blocking most people's exit, but still no one moved. Suddenly it dawned and they all left the lift leaving R and myself to go one level lower to the basement. What is wrong with people? The lcd screen said ground, the lift indicator said ground floor and the audio announcement said ground floor. Idiots!

After the lift cleared, it then filled up with people wanting to go up, when the lift was going down. Oh, we are going down first, was the cry. Myer lifts are very good, almost made for idiots and I can't imagine how they could made more 'user friendly', but still people struggle.

God save me. As the old expression goes, it is enough to drive you to drink and as R makes kedgeree for dinner, I may just pour us a large one each.

Ok, I will be a bit charitable. I use lifts a lot. I understand them. But are they really so hard to use or understand for novices?


  1. Kedgeree. I love it! Does R do doggy (fishy?) bags and takeaway delivery?

    (Large ones optional.)

  2. Maybe the total un-fun of shopping left your fellow lift colleagues in a fog of non-comprehension.

    No? They're just idiots .

  3. What is kedgeree?
    People are idiots, end of story. Need I say more.

  4. Maybe he does LS. It was a quite wet kedgeree.

    Kath, apparently Ringwood doesn't have lifts, but good on them for walking on the wildside and coming into town.

    Fen, it is rice with bits of fish stuck into it. OK, a bit more. It was nice.

  5. Hello Andrew:
    Lifts we avoid if at all possible preferring, in order to avoid the experience which you describe here, several flights of stairs.

    Kedgeree we adore. May we come to supper?!!

  6. Your experience of the lift is the total shopping experience isn't? People wander around in a half daze with thier brains turned to sleep mode. Particularly bad in supermarkets where people stand in the middle of isles can't make up their mind etc and as for the car park. There must be something hypnotic about shopping.

  7. Sounds like you were riding in the lift with a bunch of zombies. Like you i find lifts easy to operate and they are really idiot proof unless you're brain dead :-).

  8. Lifts are easy, dipshytes are not.

  9. JayLa, it is good to use stairs for your physical health, mental too. I try too often.

    For sure Big Dog. Sometimes I think I live in a different world.

    Zombies yes Windsmoke, with some sheep like behaviour.

    Jayne, unkindly I suggest that they may have all been from the very outer suburbs.

  10. I was wondering what kedgeree is, now I know.
    I find lifts easy, but if there are too many people in one, I'll take the escalator or stairs.

  11. River, crowded lifts are horrible. Depending on the circumstances, I will avoid them.

  12. Anonymous12:05 am

    snap! I love Kedgeree and was just browsing a recipe this morning.
    X X X annie o'd

  13. Annie, and that sits ok with you being a vegetarian?