Friday, November 04, 2011

A Spike in the Studio

Spike Milligan first came to most people's notice by way of the BBC's Goon Show. I've listened to a few episodes over the years, but the rapid fire delivery and accents made it difficult for me to understand. I do have a recording of the episode called The Last Tram, which is about the last London tram not making it back to the depot for the closure of the system and being stranded in a tunnel. As is often the case, I find I have mentioned the The Last Tram before.

Spike was a frequent visitor to Australia and usually pretty good interview value, but Spike being Spike, would take advantage at times.

In the studios of ABC Radio 3LO, newsreader Rod McNeil battled valiantly on while Spike interrupted the news broadcast. Spike was then banned from live ABC studios when he was not personally part of the programme.

Rumour has it that upon Spike's headstone are the words, 'I told you I was ill'. Not quite correct. It is written in Irish, 'Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite'.


  1. What is funnier than listening to someone trying to be serious when desperately wanting to laugh?
    Good one, Andrew. Thanks.
    [BTW the story of the the tram is also interesting reading.]

  2. Hello Andrew:
    He was, indeed, an extraordinary entertainer and also, less generally known, a poet who, on occasion, wrote some quite serious work.

  3. FruitCake, I doubt I could locate it now, but I did put up a great one of an English newsreader who lost it.

    JayLa, like many who have immense talent, he was mentally frail, but we are richer for him having lived his life.


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