Wednesday, November 02, 2011


While I can't say I thought too much of The Slap in book form, I am enjoying it very much on tv. The production is excellent and the acting pretty good. To my knowledge the author of The Slap, Christos Tsiolkas', first book was Loaded and published back in 1995. It was made into a film called Head On. There are two books of his that I have not read. No doubt I will in time.

Back in pre electronic days, after reading an Australian book and enjoying it, I often wrote to the author, expressing my approval and perhaps with a comment or two. I did so with Loaded and Christos was nice enough to reply. Wise people are generally nice while they are on the way up and hopefully remain so once they have reached certain heights. I think he probably is still quite nice.

His letter only makes vague sense, as I cannot remember what I wrote and did not keep a copy. I should have pulled out a sheet of carbon paper and made a copy.


  1. Michael5:04 pm

    Lucky you.

    I remembered my first (and probably last) letter from anyone famous.

    It was when BBC were still flush with money and sending out t-shirts to fans all over the world.

    I wrote a letter to the late John Peel and he was very kind to send me a t-shirt as well as a letter.

  2. Haven't read it nor seen the series but only as it cuts too close to something we experienced. (No, Feral teen wasn't swinging a cricket bat at other kids lol).
    Nice that he replied to you like that :)

  3. I had a couple of letters from famous-ish people, goodness knows whatever happened to them :(

  4. Hello Andrew:
    Whilst we do not know of this particular writer, we do think that it is such a nice idea to write to an author in praise of his or her work. We all respond to encouragement and, as in this case, it is most exciting to have a reply.

  5. I haven't read the book yet, can't seem to get past the first few pages, I may have to start in the middle and backtrack. I missed the firt two episodes of the show, so I'm not watching that either.
    How nice that Christos wrote back to you!
    I've only had autographs which have since been lost. One from Jon English and one from Ross.D.Wylie

  6. I've admitted before that I hated the book and have also heard from a trusted friend that his latest is almost impossible to stomach.

    Then again, when an author bothers to reply to your letter, it's always an awesome outcome. I still remember how happy I was when Colin Thiele wrote me a two page reply when I was eleven.

  7. A friend said he REALLY didn't like The Slap so I almost didn't watch it. But sofar it has turned out very well indeed. God I love Australian drama.

  8. Anonymous1:29 am

    I haven't heard of The Slap; will have to check it out. I read Loaded years ago and enjoyed it.

    I recently sent an email to a British writer (via a mutual friend) telling him how much I'd enjoyed a book he'd written about Australia. He was kind enough to respond - again through our mutual friend. It's nice when people reply to letters of praise. V.

  9. Not my cup of tea at all :-).

  10. Michael, I had to look John Peel up. Radio 1 DJ. All these years, you think well of him for the sake of a letter and tee.

    The book/show can certainly stimulate lively conversations Jayne.

    Fen, pity you lost them.

    JayLa, I can recall being quite chuffed at the time when I received the letter.

    Know them both well River. While English wasn't conventionally good looking, there was something very sexy about him.

    Wow Kath, a letter from Colin Thiele. Wish I had written to the author of my favourite childhood funny book, Sun on the Stuble.

    Hels, as I said, not keen on the book, but like the tv show. Hope you stick with it.

    V, I really would recommend the tv show. It nice to receive praise and nice to acknowledge it.

    Windsmoke, nothing in your childhood that makes you uninterested in the story?

  11. I agree with you Andrew. I was disappointed with the book but am enjoying the television series. It is far more accessible to me in it's television form.

  12. I haven't read the book, The Slap, so this is a comment about book-film adaptations in general. I almost never enjoy a film IF I have read the book first. A film can be perfectly fine, but if it isn't true to a particular book that I have already invested time in, I become very tetchy :(

    I cannot think of a seeing a film based on a book that I read and said "wow, that film really did a better job than the original book did".

  13. Extra good tonight Victor.

    Hels, I can think of some exceptions.....well, perhaps not right now. Mostly BBC productions I think. Flame Trees of Thika comes to mind.

  14. I've got Larry Pickering's signature, along with Kamahl's stashed away somewhere ... But CT's might be worth more than that after the series - I haven't read the book, nor will I, but the TV version is excellent!

  15. Red, they are a diverse pair of autographs. Pleased you like the tv series. I think it is good.


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