Thursday, November 03, 2011

Shuffle the Deck

Victor doesn't mind a game of cards, especially bridge. I have never played bridge and so I have no idea of its entertainment value. Apart from children's card games, I can play 500 and euchre and perhaps, is it black jack? I am not a bad player really, for the first twenty minutes and then????

My father could also play cards. He chose not to. I never saw him behave petulantly unless he was forced into a game of cards. I think he suffered in the same way I do from cards, sheer bloody utter boredom. My Tradie Brother has no time for a hand either.

Once on the way home from a family event much later than had been planned, R told me I was in a bad mood. 'It doesn't always go your way you know.' It certainly did not as I was forced into playing cards until I could find someone to stand in for me and then had to sit around just as bored while R continued to play cards, and play more cards, then even more cards.

Best to not ask me to play a games of cards.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Do you not think that R could persuade you to get into playing?
    We do not play often, but when we do we find cards to be totally absorbing.

    Do you feel the same way about most board games too?

  2. I would happily take a break from bridge (which I play twice a week) but am sort of trapped, as in a tired marriage, having played with the same bridge partner for twenty years.

    We are somewhat notorious at our bridge club for our uncommon longevity as a partnership which my partner wears as a badge of honour.

    Perhaps if our results were a little better I would be more motivated.

  3. I prefer to play red ace, gin rummy and patients they depend on luck and skill :-).

  4. JayLa, I fear it is a character defect. I get bored with scrabble too, although I have fond memories of us sitting in our courtyard at our old house and playing backgammon on warm summer evenings while sipping scotch. We probably would have been sitting there regardless.

    It's good that you have stuck at it Victor. It is an outing for you......ah, given how little you are home, perhaps that is not what you need.

    Windsmoke, now when patience first arrived on my computer, I played a lot of that. I don't get bored with myself. I don't know red ace.

  5. I only remember how to play snap! My Nan taught me gin rummy when I was a kid but that knowledge was replaced long ago.

  6. Snap is fun Fen. I like playing snap. You don't have to think too much.


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