Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

You are supposed to shut up and keep still at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month as a mark of respect for the dead in the Great War.

I'm not bothering, but what I will do is listen and watch this clip and wonder about war.

It was believed that, supposedly England's greatest ever, Prime Minister Winston Churchill said 'It is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war’. I'm very inclined to agree.

Mad World by Gary Jules.


  1. war is big business so there has to always be warring.
    I have to say I am choking on this week's news headlines about 'rogue' Afghan army murders of Australian military. It's a war dummy, there's no 'rogue'. All uniforms are a target. doh. It's like Our Government thinks it's in the Private Benjamin army - you know, the one with careers and condos in the brochures. sheesh.
    I am wearing my remembrance poppies and thinking of my grandfather and his 3 brothers who all served in France in WW1, survived the Hindenberg Line - heavy fire for an entire year, and didn't ask for counselling when they all luckily, returned to Hamilton, Victoria.

  2. War is about power, greed and religious beliefs :-(.

  3. Oh Andrew - I really try to avoid the news because it is so depressing but it is important to remember history so that we can try to do it better... Unfortunately we have failed and we appear to have only increased our ability to cause destruction.
    I will pause at 11am and remember my Grandfather who served at Gallipoli in 1915 and I will remember my other Grandfather who was imprisoned in Sydney for fighting conscription in 1916. They were both trying to do the right thing.

  4. War is war. Stupid! Tragic! Heart breaking!
    And so, why do we do it? To my mind, if you don't fight it, you support it.
    It's like, what the hell?
    Thanks Andrew!

  5. To me, Remebrance Day isn't just about respect for the dead, but REMEMBERING why war is such a crap idea so we don't do it again!!

  6. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Have you seen today's news? A guy working 'in the transport industry' supposedly received a written warning from his employer because he refused to take off a poppy he was wearing, when asked to do so. Apparently some of his co-workers found the poppy offensive. If this is true, I think it's a sorry indication of the stay of things today. I wouldn't wear a poppy or RSL pin but I think others should be allowed to if they wish.

    I agree with Nomad - Remembrance Day (or ANZAC Day) should be reminders of the futility of war. It's too bad we humans can't seem to learn... V.

  7. I'm with Red - we need to remember the dead but also the fact no one wins any war.

  8. EmStacks, I am often bemused by the glamorous way war is portrayed in recruitment campaigns. The essence is, you are hired to kill or be killed. You might not have been here had your grandfather not returned.

    Summed up well Windsmoke.

    Displaced, cheer up. We can kill quicker and faster than ever before. While I may well be critical now of soldiers who join up, it was a very different time in WWI and later wars too. I admire both of your grandfathers too.

    Rubye, if it was just mature men fighting, so be it, but it involves women, children, the lot.

    Red, I hope I made it clear that was my opinion too.

    I had to hunt for it V, but it absurd, as the poll response indicates.

  9. Ah Jayne, I didn't suppose anyone who reads my blog would be pro war.

    It is J Bar. There was another similar I could have used, but it was quite anti American.

  10. Great video in a post with great values and some great comments.

  11. FruitCake, seems I have surrounded myself with anti war lefties. I am not displeased.