Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Not all my inspired thoughts for posts pay dividends.

It started with Hels writing a fascinating post about the railway town of Swindon in England, a model town built for railway workers. She has subsequently written about another, Port Sunlight. I was immediately reminded of our own town of Yallourn, built for the workers of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. The beautiful town of Yallourn has long been demolished and I can't really think of another model town such as Yallourn in our state.

Then I thought of Rawson, built in Gippsland to house the construction workers of the mighty Thomson Dam. Perhaps it was kind of a model town built for workers? Although I knew the area well, the town of Rawson was built long after I left the area. After checking several sources, there is nothing to tell you about Rawson apart from it still being there. It is an ordinary small country town and certainly not a model town.

Ah well, it was a thought.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    These model towns, such as Port Sunlight and Bournville in this country [the UK], and about which Hels wrote too, are absolutely fascinating and very much of their time and period in history. We doubt that we shall ever see them replicated again. And so very different from the model 'estate' villages, built entirely to please the eye of the landowner.

  2. Walhalla was built for the gold rush, now there's bugger all people there. It does have a cool cemetery.

  3. Ah well, it doesn't sound worthy of the Red Nomad OZ treatment either!!

  4. JayLa, fascinated I am. So your Charlie houses his tenants down in a ditch and out of sight?

    Indeed Fen, as were many towns and they did not occur to me. I've been to Walhalla a few times, but not for many years.

    Red, east of Melbourne is not your kind of place anyway is it.

  5. Oh, never say never! But now I know which bit of east M to avoid!!!

  6. Red, nearby Walhalla should be on your list at least.