Monday, November 07, 2011


I thought I knew what Pathe was, that is an English news reel company. I noticed in a photo of a cinema in Amsterdam that Peter published, the sign Pathe. Peter informed me that Pathe owns the cinema among others. I better find out more.

There is British Pathe, the one I know, that has historical footage going back decades.

Then there is UK Pathe, film distributors.

Pathe in the Netherlands own the largest number of cinemas in that country.

Pathe International is probably connected UK Pathe, film distributors.

The latter three all seem connected but British Pathe seems to be on its own.

Pathe was begun as a French operation in 1896 by, surprise, the Pathe brothers. It has a complicated history, but you can read about it if you wish. I'm off to watch a newsreel.


  1. UK Pathe, Pathe Netherlands and Pathe International [France] belong to the same group. They make, distribute and show movies, mostly in their own theaters but also others.

  2. Goodness, next you'll make the outlandish suggestion that Australia should follow suit and care for it's film archives *snort*

  3. Hello Andrew:
    All of this is entirely new to us having never considered it before but, of course, having been very familiar with 'Pathe News' when we were children - always an essential part of any cinema visit.

  4. Pathe own all the big cinemas here in Geneva, as well. I've always loved their logo; it looks like some lettering that a year eight kid did as their title page!

  5. Peter, I take it from you that it is a French company and now quite separate from the newsreel British Pathe?

    We don't Jayne? We do with some.

    JayLa, back in the old days when Australia made things, we also made our own newsreels. I am not sure if Pathe was seen here.

    Kath, the logo was on every site except for British Pathe. Upon the logo, I made my conclusion. It is certainly a noticeable logo.

  6. Andtew, you're correct. BTW, the logo at the beginning of a movie or commercial block turns from a rooster [I didn't want to say a cock, because that can give a wrong expression] into the words Pathé. Like it's some mobile that turns in the wind.

  7. Peter, don't worry. I don't mind cock. Maybe I will hunt down the rotating cock that turns into Pathe, or maybe not.

  8. We used to have Pathe newsreels at Sydney's cinemas when I was child. It was one of the major ways of seeing moving images of world events in those days pre television and the internet.

  9. I can't remember newsreels Victor, but good that you have said that Pathe were shown here too. I remember ads and shorts at the movies, and an interval.