Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hot Tube Guys

Who thought I had missed spelt Hot Tub Guys? Would I ever go for something so obvious as bare topped men in a spa (rhetorical)?

Have you noticed the link to Tube Crush on my sidebar? Each day it features a couple of, usually hot, guys anonymously snapped while they are travelling on The Tube. Some are absolute knockouts. I subscribe to it with google reader so it only takes a second to check each post. I no want to love them long time. Now this guy below is pretty typical of what is posted. Yeah, nice looking, but ho hum.

Oh, muscles on this one. But muscles aren't exactly equipment for doing the biz with though. I don't dislike muscles, but they are not my thing.

Sometimes a guy with exotic ancestors will get a gig. I don't mind a bit of the exotic, but I do wish he would do something with his hair.

More muscles. If you don't love him, it matters not. His self love is enough for him.

Not Mr Perfect but pretty nice.

Among the beauties, sometimes someone doesn't quite make the grade in my books. You couldn't say this guy is a knock out, but there is the promise of wickedness and sleaze about him. Gentle? Caressing? Considerate? None of those, but you could be in for a very wild time.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    And we thought that your interest in trains and trams was purely academic!!!!!

    Mind the gap!

  2. There is an American version of this site which follows the same format but for some reason almost all the photographs are blurry.

    Evidently London's tube carries a more proficient standard of photographer amongst it's passengers. I subscribe to both sites (of course).

  3. Anonymous8:10 am

    Number One. Dimples.

  4. If those blokes are anonymously snapped while they are travelling on The Tube, how do you know what THEIR preferences are? They may be celibate priests, thinking about their next sermon.

  5. Whatever happened to "it's what's inside that counts"? Oops, did I make a double entendre? Silly me.

  6. JayLa, things are never so simple.

    Victor, funny how with all the undressed men we can see on the net, we like looking at dressed ones.

    Scott, I am a bit of a sucker for dimples too.

    Hels, no idea what their preferences are and it doesn't matter. Now don't try and get us excited with the challenges of a celibate priest.

    (rolls eyes at Rubye) We aren't looking for inner beauty. Gay=superficial. You must know that.

  7. Hahaha. they need to do one for the city circle in melbourne... especially the eyecandy that get off at Flagstaff gardens. mmMMM.

  8. None of them appeal to me. They're too pretty. I like my men to look a little rougher. Tough but gentle if you know what I mean. Hard to describe.

  9. Tim, you mentioned it. Get busy snapping.

    More rolling of eyes, this time at River. So manly then, but in touch with their feminine side? Sheesh women are hard to please.

  10. 'Sheesh women are hard to please.'

    What!? I've never had that problem. I've worked on the assumption that they can never be pleased, so I barrel on regardless.

    They don't seem to notice - much like moi. (Mutual ignorance - or ignoring - is bliss.)