Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Going up

It has recently occurred to me that some people aren't aware my blog header photo is one I took from our balcony. I should replace with a better and up to date but not sure I can be bothered. I am guessing I took the photo in about 2005 and the view has rather changed with the Dandenong Ranges slowly disappearing behind newly erected tall buildings. I am not sure what is going up behind the housing commission flats on the far right of the photo, but you can see the cranes are busy. I suspect they are the same cranes that can be seen towards the end of Fen's post when she went streetwalking.

The far left building is incomplete and may well get taller yet. Still to come is a highrise building that will block out the unmarked grey building, headquarters for Channel 10 and another building is going up on the site of the old Longford Cinema site, but I am not sure how tall that one will be.

The black lines point out the new buildings that were not there five years ago. Click it for a better view.


  1. Anonymous7:10 am

    Oh dear - when did the Longford go?

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Onwards and upwards.......soon you will have to rename your blog eye level!

  3. Sadly your view of the Dandenongs is slowly being wiped out by ugly concrete and glass buildings :-).

  4. Anonymous9:56 am

    It'll be looking like Hong Kong in no time, Andrew.

  5. Why, oh why, can't we have a capped building height?

  6. The cranes are at the highrise block, they are building more buildings on the high rise block. Not sure if they'll be the same height, but they're office of housing. The existing residents have been given the opportunity to move into the new development. A lot have said no as they are happy with their current neighbours & won't risk getting shitty ones!

  7. Long gone Scott. It was crappy shops and then demolished.

    Too true JayLa.

    Since we are in a highrise Windsmoke, is that irony?

    Just saw something about HK Anon. The buildings there are very tall.

    Good Jayne. I can live in a highrise, but no one else can. I like it.

    Right Fen. What about the walk ups for oldies? Are they empty?

  8. Hmm, not sure to be honest. There are plenty of oldies about though!