Monday, November 28, 2011

Garage Sale

Andrew, I need money. I am having a garage sale before christmas. For some reason Mother managed to gee up Tradie Brother and get him onside. He brought tables and erected shelter, as shelter was well needed as the chosen Saturday was the wettest Saturday in history.

R and I arose at six to bolt down coffee and cereal, and half dead, drive to Mother's town, a mere hour away. A 9AM garage sale means people arrive at eight, one arriving at seven.

There were plenty of viewers, but not too many buyers. A grand total of $180. There was significant competition on the day. The best stuff has already gone and there is not much left of any value. R was amazed at what rubbish they bought. I was amazed at what they didn't buy. It was actually $160 Mother earned for all our efforts, as R slipped in $20 to the kitty, never mind the $500 he recently gave her, from a very disapproving me. R hardly has money to throw away.

I was in the kitchen when I heard a crash. Dreaded Nephew was playing on his laptop on the outside steps. I was inside trying to set up strings over the fireplace for Mother to hang her christmas cards. A the crash happened, I saw Dreaded Nephew's laptop fly high into the air as tried to grab his Nan as she fell. She misplaced her footing on steps and fell into her potted plants behind a sale table. There was a customer there at that point and she was trying to insist getting Mother up and inside. No one took notice of her and we let Mother get up in her own time. Well, helped up by R and Dreaded Newphew. There is rarely a rush to get people up off the ground if they have fallen. Let them gather their senses.

Fortunately the rain started seriously at midday, so we packed up and we were home by two.

We did come across late Step Father's slide projector, screen and assorted slides. Many slides were of budgerigars, which he used to breed, but there were a few family shots too. Sister is Law is to marry her new beau next weekend. We came across slides of her first wedding to Tradie Brother, some twenty five years ago.

Would you like to come around for a slide night?


  1. When you come to think about it you had a very successful garage sale except for the falling down bit. I'll pass on the slide night thanks. Did it really only start raining seriously at midday it rained seriously here all day until the evening and then stopped :-).

  2. nod.. garage sales rarely make very much money. But they DO start to empty the cupboards of decades of accumulated rubbish. And better than creating more land fill, the junk might be useful to other families.

    Whatever wasn't sold should be donated to St Vinnies. That way nothing goes back into your mum's cupboards to lie around for more decades.

    Sometimes I simply lie tarps on the nature strip, place all the items on the tarps, and let the neighbours/passers-by help themselves.

  3. On the noise, my first thought was gawd is the computer okay? Somehow I just assumed your mother would be okay because my mind pictured your nephew catching her and dropping his computer in the process. That was before I read on. It sounds like your mom is fine after all that. Hopefully, the computer is also.

  4. I'm glad you left your mum to gather her senses a minuute before getting her up again. I rarely fall, but when I do, I always need a minute to realise what happened and where I am.
    I've given up going to garage sales, they all seem to have the same stuff, table upon table of dusty old knick-knacks, boxes of old fashion magazines, clothes so far out of style or just plain ugly. I can see exactly the same stuff at the local op shops. And still not buy it.

  5. The only thing worse than having a garage sale is being caught at a slide night.
    R is obviously a good person.

  6. I looove slide nights! I must pinch my parents' collection at some stage and reminisce. I have fond memories of looking at them as a child.

  7. I'm still recovering from the garage sale we had in May this year ~shudder~. Having said that, I *love* going to other garage sales and car boot events.... esp if there are some good and cheap books to be found.

    As for the slide night, I think I'll pass, thanks. My Dad was a keen photographer and I'm dreading how many packets of slides will be awaiting us to sort out when he's shuffled off this mortal coil...

  8. Windsmoke, it was only light in the morning and became progressively heavier around lunchtime.

    Hels, she had done ok in the past, $450 last time and $800 the time before. But of course everyone else does the work. We needed a skip for St Vinnies and one for the tip.

    Yes Rubye, she is ok but nwo has another medical matter to moan about. Yes, the netbook is ok too.

    It just makes sense River. I saw an old bloke fall one Anzac Day and his family immediately dragged him up, mainly to save their own embarrassment I think. Bit like $2 shops. You don't want anything but can end up with a load of rubbish.

    FruitCake, umpteen photos can be as bad. Course R is good. He puts up with me.

    One's own slide night can be ok Fen, not someone else's.

    Kath, I've been to so many, I'm a bit over them. Markets and boot sales too. And Kath, you can't miss one slide, as the one you miss could be the gem.

  9. Sounds like a fairly typical garage sale Andrew, most things that can go wrong WIll go wrong..Poor Mother hope she was not hurt in her fall and Dreaded Nephew can't be too bad if he risked his laptop to try and save her..All in all, well'll probably be a long time before you have another one haha!!

  10. PDP, sorry, this one was delayed as a spam comment. Dreaded Nephew is a great lad, very caring. She seems to be ok. I know it is a long way to travel, but I guess you are a no for the slide night too?

  11. HHHMMMmmm... having a garage sale, I need money?? Is it just me, or is that just a little bit illogical??!!

    And my budgie breeding (not smuggling!!) friend would probably LOVE the slide night ...

  12. Budgie breeders are another life force Red, a rather boring one in my experience.

  13. They are not supposed to be for the profit as much as for the recycling of stuff too good to throw in the wheelie bin.
    I spent the afternoon cleaning spiders from the double garage for a sale soon, and because there is a Hanimex here as well, I am inspired, as you should have been, to combine the GS with a slideshow.
    What a trip.
    and people always come at 6am
    I'm going to have an urn and teabags.