Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Flu Shot

River made me think about flu shots a while back. I have had a few. I have had a flu shot and gotten a flu and not gotten a flu.

If we are to be sensible, the flu shot protects us against a specific flu, usually a very bad and debilitating one. So, I suppose it follows that there are a large variety of flus that you can get except for the one you have been vaccinated against.

I have not had a flu shot this year. Yes, I realise it is hardly the time to discuss such things as we head for summer, but not everyone is heading that way.

While I thought there may have been a little truth to the reports of people getting flu after having a flu shot, I thought it was probably a bit exaggerated. But the last flu shot I had, yes, I was quite unwell with flu like symptoms for three days afterwards. I decided until I am perhaps old, I won't have any more.

So what do you reckon? Flu vaccination? Good? Bad?

Oh, this one became a bit stale, original date 26/09.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Well, we can report that we have both received flu vaccinations this year and should advise anyone with a weakened immune system to do likewise. We have had no side effects and understand that this year's vaccine is pretty much the same as that offered last year.

  2. I had my flu shot last Saturday, have had it for the past 15 years. Of course you don't feel well for a few days, they inject you with a small flu virus sample, so your own body can start fighting it. These anti bodies try to keep you save when it really hits.

    You still have 6 months to think things over before your winter kicks in.

  3. I have never had one in my life - I just take really high doses of Blackmores Vit C daily all the time and seem to seldom get lung things which I need to avoid because I have scarring there from multiple bouts of Pneumonia as a small child - as well Don and many Quadriplegics won't have a dose as they cannot afford even the dose of flu they may get as a result of the flu injection - he was unable to cough so we just made sure we avoided sources during winter and the vit C of course. In 25 years of Quadriplegia Don only had one bout of flu - a sort of record really. The girls and husbands also don't touch the stuff - our choice as a family but seems to work for us so far. But each to his own. If ever I feel achy and flu like I up the Vit C and start Echinacha - not saying what to do but you asked what we thought

  4. Jack got really sick a few days after getting the flu vaccine 2 years ago. But I think it was just a coincidence. The vaccine was for the seasonal flu; so I think maybe he picked up the swine flu around the same time.

    We've got the vaccines last year and this year. It turned out fine.

  5. Can't remember the last time i had a flu shot or caught the flu its probably been years maybe i have a strong immune system or its just plain luck. I reckon if you are prone to catching the flu you should have a flu shot :-).

  6. My GP is always keen for me to have a flu vaccination because of my age and the hospital where I volunteer offers it free of charge to staff and volunteers each year.

    There have been several occasions when I suffered flu like symptoms for a few days after being vaccinated but I can't remember that happening in recent years.

    It has been some years now since I had the flu. I assume the vaccination is working for me.

  7. Like Peter said, they inject you with a tiny amount of the flu virus so that your body develops antibodies that will kick in if you get the real flu. This is why you developed flu like symptoms, you didn't catch the flu.
    I have never had a flu shot, deciding to wait until I got old.
    Well, older.

  8. Noted JayLa, a for.

    Yes Peter, six months. I didn't have the injection this year and I didn't get the flu. I am not sure.

    There does seem to be truth about Vitamin C, MC. I am a bit cautious about echinacha though.

    Another for Dina. Swine flu, who could forget that.

    Windsmoke, I am pleased you have such a strong immune system. I think mine is not too bad either.

    Victor, I get mine free at work too. Given the ill people you come in contact with, it is pretty good that you have not had flu recently.

    River, the symptoms were quite severe, which is rather why I am reluctant to get another inoculation. Like you, perhaps when I am old.

  9. I haven't had a flu shot in years, mainly because I forget! The vaccines are a weakened version of the full flu virus, so that your body can build antibodies for it. I've had the proper flu only a couple of times in my life and boy did I feel like I was dying. Not fun. It bothers me that people get colds and say they've got the flu.

  10. Fen, I think I have had it twice, the worst was caught in Thailand. I was dying and so weak, I could barely stand. Colds make you feel like dying. Flu makes you feel like you are dying.


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