Monday, November 14, 2011

Fighting a losing battle to supress

'Don't speak ill of the dead', my grandmother warned me, so I shan't, this time anyway.

Five minutes yesterday afternoon in the company of the world famous search engine, told me all I needed to know about the life and death of cricket commentator and writer Peter Roebuck. Very subtle hints had been coming out in the radio news broadcasts about his death that day and had aroused my curiosity.

It had me slightly amused how one news service would gingerly step a toe in the water, then another would go a bit further and so on.

Our ABC was staying well clearly of anything else but tributes, even this morning, but by lunch time someone had called it and the ABC finally had to say what others already were, that is report the bleeding obvious.

I don't think too much more will let into the public domain by mainstream news outlets, but there is plenty on the net if you hunt for it. How some people must really hate the internet for the information that can be found. Lucky I have lived a blameless life, well pretty blameless post the explosion of the internet.


  1. Just wait until the truth comes out then the mainstream media will flog it to death with all sorts of rubbish and allegations :-).

  2. I don't know anything much about anything *sigh*. The news services pick and choose what they want us to know. But this is for certain - 55 is horribly young to die :( Poor bloke :(

  3. I've heard bits and well, whatever he did he's still too young to throw himself off a 6th floor and die. I have great respect for Roebuck as a commentator and a writer. Whatever else he did in his life was/is not my business and I'm sure his poor family are suffering enough.

  4. That is bound to happen Windsmoke. Well, it is now.

    Hels, no one could describe our media good at keeping us informed. It is young to die and a pretty horrible way to die. Odd that a suicide and falling out a window are interchangeable.

    Fen, the cricket groupie. I had forgotten. He seemed very talented and I like that he would not tow anybody's line but would stand up and be counted. However, private life is one thing, serious illegal activity is another, but there will not be a court case now and he can't be found guilty.

  5. Peter Roebuck was an exceptional cricket commentator and writer and I would have expected to be enthralled by his utterances for years to come. His death at 55 is a sad loss.

  6. As everyone says Victor. I must have heard him on the radio, but I really can't recall.

  7. You're right, illegal activity is not on, but whatever happened innocent until proven guilty. He'll never have his day in court to be found guilty or innocent.