Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wall Street is Revolting

Wall Street certainly is revolting. It is very disappointing that Obama was not able to reign in its avarice. However, I am very pleased that our brothers and sisters across the Pacific are protesting, day after day after day.

Please keep up the momentum guys and gals and shame them into decent and ethical behaviour. It will be a hard task. I would advise some of you to stand outside the carpark exits with placards but in silence as the big cars with darkened windows exit. Stare straight into the back seat area. You may not be able to see who is in there, but they will think they are exposed. Day after day, week after week. They will crack. Clearly a well intention political leader could not bring Wall Street to heel. It is up to you.

I hope more of you Americans can join the protest in Wall Street. You will be actually targeting those who have done very wrong to the world and to their fellow citizens especially. Now, where is the Tea Party who is supposed to be on the side of your average Joelene when the real work is to be done?


  1. Michael Douglas has much to answer for.

  2. My only hope is that it will continue to gather momentum, and if it does I will be there in support. We have a very long ways to go before any one on the other side will begin to take us seriously, but then just look at the Vietnam protests. We shall see. And I shall continue to hope.

  3. An American friend has sent me video footage of the shocking treatment of demonstrators (women mainly in this video) being corralled and then sprayed with mace or something - they were not disobeying orders, just being pushed around by police - can't understand why police who are working class as well go above and beyond the call - they will be in the same financial boat as the rest of us

  4. It will take a very long time to rein in these money hungry greedy people because they've been allowed to get away with it for so long.

  5. There's a great vid doing the rounds of FB comparing Hilary and Obama speaking to the press against Gaddafi re his treatment of his people, that he should 'see his people as friends not foe' while showing American police beating peaceful protestors in NY.
    Hope they keep on going, one day they might wake up and listen.

  6. Victor, the movie does. It gave tacit approval.

    RJ, at least some have an understanding, and don't just blame Obama.

    MC, I don't doubt it. Bad treatment against demonstrators happened here in Melbourne only a few years ago.

    Windsmoke, it has been too long. When you hear million dollar salary figures, you know something is wrong.

    Sounds interesting Jayne. I will check the vid.