Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oddities in the library

I was in the State Library of Victoria researching some stuffs in the card index of The Sun News Pictorial and a couple of things jumped out at me as amusing. This is but one.

7th May, 1958, Mrs Norma Bond, a blonde dancer, stops a runaway truck.

It would almost be worth finding the entry in the newspaper to get the full details on that one.

From a history of the Melbourne suburb of Clayton, as I recall it:

Should you miss your train (at Clayton Station) and have to endure a one hour wait, there is a warm fire in the waiting room. It may not be possible to get too close to the fire though as it is often surrounded by dogs. Gee, they don't even have a loo at stations now, let alone a fire, dogs notwithstanding.

From the same book:

The football match between Clayton and Clyde on Crawfords Paddock erupted into chaos when the players in their new bright red jumpers were charged by a bull. They fought each other to take shelter in the dressing room while ladies lifted their skirts and ran into an nearby market garden. What? They grabbed a carrot and threateningly said 'Don't you come near me you big, bad, bull'?

I became so engrossed in my research for stuffs, I forgot the time and three hours had passed. It was more fun than the internet.


  1. I wonder if it was being blonde that gave Mrs Bond special powers to stop that truck?

  2. Mrs Bond must've raised her skirt a tad and flashed a bit of leg to stop the truck :-).

  3. ggrrrrr The men fought each other to take shelter in the dressing room while ladies saved each other by running into an nearby market garden!!!

  4. "The name is Bond... Jane Bond..." If she were a real super hero that would have been okay cos there were also once upon a time things called phone booths where she could have changed outfits.
    Sounds like you had a ball at the State Library.

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I love the State Library and could easily spend hours there. When I was in uni, I'd go to the library supposedly to research a paper and get so engrossed with snippets I found along the way, that hardly any research was done! V.

  6. I'm sure it's somehow relevant that Mrs Bond, the truck-stopper of yesteryear, was a blonde dancer!! Have you thought about setting up a new blog with a 'daily snippet' from the SL??!!

  7. I, too, love the state library,particularly the dome. I wonder how Mrs Bond stopped that truck?

  8. Mrs Blond dancer stopped the truck with a high kick perhaps?
    It's funny what you find when you're looking for something else.

  9. Possibly Victor, although I am thinking of brassy shade of peroxide.

    I like the way you are thinking Windsmoke.

    Hels, did you really think chivalry lasted until the late twentieth century?

    Funny, Fruitcake. It was fun.

    V, yes, you do have try to keep your focus in there.

    Red, Jayne at Our Great Southern Land does a pretty good similar job. Without the blonde dancer mention, I would not have noticed.

    Hi Christine. I am going to have go back and find out, am I not?

    Of course River, she used her talent and skills to stop the truck.

  10. haha just brilliant, thanks for sharing