Sunday, October 30, 2011


The emails have started to arrive from all corners of Australia, friends of friends, acquaintances of acquaintances, all oozing sincerity. Sponsor me for Movember please. No, I shan't and I am strongly pointing out to R why he should not. Not while the homophobic and evil Jeff Kennett has anything to do with Beyond Blue, the principle recipient of the funds raised.

The brazenness of ex state Premier Kennett fundraising for depression when he, and what he did still hangs on, caused so much mental anguish to so many and now he fundraises to repair some of the damage he caused. Reagan, Thatcher and Kennett, all the same in my book.

The board of Beyond Blue recently had an opportunity to get rid of Kennett, instead they chose to let a respected CEO who Kennett bullied leave.

Not one cent of my money will go to Beyond Blue. Besides, isn't that what we pay taxes for? To look after those in need? Physically, mentally or in whatever way?

Our taxes ought to be paying for animal welfare too, but I do realise there is only so much money and not everything can be done for all.

Down Barwon Heads way a fire started and set back a koala and wildlife park considerably. Sadly five koalas died in the fire. I reckon Jirrahlinga is deserving of my largess for this week.


  1. Probably a great deal more worthy.

  2. I must confess I'd no idea Movember is associated with Beyond Blue. I'm not appalled but downright angry about the paucity of mental health services in this country. I'm also sure JK only tried to backpedal on his recent comments about 'the best'parents being heterosexual because Beyond Blue is a nice little earner. BB is just another example of an organisation which doesn't need an overpaid CEO. He does nothing a competent accountant, clinician and marketing manager working together could not do for far less than he is paid, and with far more insight.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Living on the other side of the world, this is all rather beyond us. However, anybody who could remotely be thought to act like Margaret Thatcher could not be worthy of support in our book. Yes, better by far to give to the wildlife park!

  4. Morning Andrew. I agree with you about taxes and wish more were spent in the U.S. on things like mental illness, the poor, animal welfare, and infrastructure. But what do we spend them on? War and control it seems.

  5. You're spot on about Jeff Kennett causing most of the depression in Victoria :-(.

  6. Jayne, I heard and interesting chat yesterday, about how people are much more likely to donate to child and animal charities than any other.

    FruitCake, the best that can be said about JK's role at BB, is that he did give it profile. I suspect others could have done as well, and it has always struck me as odd that he was associated with BB.

    JayLa, Thatcher like behaviour is all you need to know. Is she dead yet btw? Must be soon.

    Rubye, the war bill for the US must be massive. Imagine the good that that kind of money could do!

    Windsmoke, I don't expect young people to understand the climate he created, but I do expect older people to remember. I expect you fall into the latter category, meant in the kindest manner, of course.

  7. I have to skip over Bad Animal-Stuff

    so that I don't have to seek help from Beyond Brains, which is a useless organisation.

  8. I don't like Movember, so many ugly moustaches on people who look awful in them!
    I also didn't know it was connected with Beyond Blue.

  9. Ann, it was a bad thing that happened at the refuge. I don't know how the fire started.

    Agree with your first sentence River. I think Movember gives most of its fund raising to BB. Some money goes elsewhere.


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