Monday, October 24, 2011

Memories of London Pt 2

It wasn't all hot guys.

Looking out from The Old Shades while having lunch in Whitehall. It may be sacrilegious, but I did not like English pubs much. They always seemed cramped and dingy.

The Gherkin at St Mary Axe. I was so excited to see it.

'There will be no advertising on the banks of the Thames!' ' But ve haf vays and means'.


  1. I do like the Gherkin, having seen it in umpteen UK shows, and the OXO sign I always look for now, thank to you ;)

  2. I love late Victorian British pubs, as long as they have not been homogenised and modernised beyond all recognition. And in summer, there is nothing as delightful as sitting outside a pub, drinking beer or cider and catching up with mates. Of course their summer is bloody short :(

  3. Jayne, I have never seen the Oxo on tv. It's a conspiracy.

  4. Hels, now sitting outside a pub is a different matter, and we sat outside quite a few on balmy evenings.