Sunday, October 23, 2011

Memories of London Pt 1

I have fond memories of London, like your traditional British red telephone box in Edgware Road.

The street of government, Whitehall. The camera went off accidentally. You believe me? You may have to click this photo to see it properly.

Praed Street, where Boris's banned bendy buses didn't quite fit in lanes.


  1. Next time check out the red telephone boxes on the inside. Around the phone you'll find cards from masseurs and 'ladies' of the night who are promissing you a good time. [For what's mostly in your wallet]

  2. My favouritest city in the entire world.

  3. Peter, I would not be wanting a massage from a lady, of the night or other kind.

    Kath,I think it might be mine too.

  4. I think Peter is not telling us everything! ;)

  5. Jon, I did guess that there might be a larger variety of cards than Peter mentioned.

  6. @ Jon & Andrew, I can assure you both I saw the cards but didn't act on them.

    First of all, I lived in this city for a year, on a weekly salary of 30 pounds net, barely enough to pay for food and housing. But had a great time anyway. [35 years ago!] I learned a lot, but without the use of 'those' cards.

    I came out to my parents in London too. After visiting 'The Shaftsbury', one of my Mum's addresses in her little black book [because of the original decor], little did she know it was a Gay pub... or that someone would recognise me there.

    Yes, even with so little money I saved enough to go out from time to time.

  7. Peter, you must write about your life in earlier days.