Friday, October 07, 2011

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale

Hands up who has been to Sydney and not caught the ferry to Manly? There you go, not one of you.

It is a lovely ferry trip from the Quay to Manly. Nothing can beat the sparkling Sydney Harbour. You can see all the posh houses lining the harbour, city buildings, the Opera House, the Bridge, Kirribilli where our Julia sometimes resides and sunbakes nude on the lawn, Admiralty House and a whole lot more. There is normally a gentle breeze in your face and as you near the heads and the ferry does a little gentle rocking as she encounters waves entering the Harbour from the Pacific Ocean. It really is a wonderful trip and Sydney's ferries are to be envied as a method of relaxed transport.

But then there was one time when it was not all smooth sailing, in fact more than one. S'cuse I. I am feeling a little queasy.


  1. I've been on that ferry back in 1992 i think it was when my x brother in law took us to the mardi gras it was a bonza parade even though it rained :-).

  2. That first one didn't look like they were going to make it. I wonder why anyone would ride it in that kind of weather. I guess if you gotta go, you've gotta go.

  3. To answer Rubye Jack, the service is stopped if the weather conditions become too dangerous and there is alternative land transport available.

    Even on the calmest of days the swell coming through the Heads can be surprisingly strong and provides several minutes of rolling fun as the ferry passes by the opening to the Pacific Ocean in what otherwise is 40 minutes of smooth sailing along the harbour.

    Those two videos look to be at the extreme of weather conditions.

  4. I remember taking a ferry ride around the harbour back in March and the wind was quite gusty with the ferry bouncing quite jauntily on the waves. It made taking photos quite hard as every time I focussed on something the ferry would either rise or fall and I'd have a blurred shot of something quite unintended instead. It was fun though and I'd do it again if I was in Sydney.

  5. The Manly ferry is obligatory every time I visit Sydney but those clips ..... erhmm, I'm not the best sea traveller and they don't help!

  6. Yes Andrew, it is a great trip with tons to look at. But those little waves?
    The Other has no stomach for the motion of the ocean. A big deal was made of the time she went across the Irish Sea and 'even the nuns were throwing up' [wotever that proves].
    I did the trip with her one day when it was quite calm. She snarled at me to turn the video camera off while she moaned and went green. I panned across to the man walking past with a dozen pints of guiness on his tray, spilling nary a drop...
    But St Kilda Junction... that's scary.

  7. I've been plenty of times and not been on the ferry, I've only been on them once in my whole life.
    As for those trips *vomits*

  8. Windsmoke, I think we may have been there for the 1992 parade and party afterwards.

    Rubye, as Victor says, the rough part is for a brief period and I guess people don't know it is rough until they get there, as both terminal points are sheltered.

    Victor, I too would guess they were pretty unusual events. Is the service suspended often?

    I remember when you did River. Did you get salt spray on your lens? And the moving horizon was a problem.

    Kath, I should have asked another question on your blog. Have sailed on the lake yet?

    Fruitcake, nuns never use the lavatory either. I don't seem to get seasick, but I have not being exposed to really rough seas. Being in the correct lane at St Kilda Junction is the key, but people are pretty forgiving too.

    Fen, how unAustralian. Aren't you going there soon? You better make the trip.

  9. I always get disappointed if there is no swell coming in. That's the funest part of the journey, especially if you are sitting in just the right spot to catch a wave in the face! (well usually shoes get soaked but you could get lucky!)

  10. It's a wonderful trip. Enough time to clear your head, without being too long. And you have those wonderful views of the bridge and opera house close to the quay that you don't get from land. Lots of happiness on board!

  11. Ben, I too like the bit of the rise and fall. But I've not been on when it splashes and I don't like getting wet.

    James, there is always a certain mood onboard. Happy tourists going somewhere by something a bit different. The locals are easy to pick. They are the ones who look like public transport users.

  12. yep January, though I doubt I will go on the ferry!

  13. Me me me, I have been on the Ferry to and from manly... I LOVE Manly, I could live there and I could work there at that hospital right there on the beach for sure. But, it certainly was calmer waters and beautiful weather in Oct 2006 when we went there. We had been staying in Sydney to attend a dinner with friends. Wonderful times :)

  14. It is a very nice part of Sydney Cazzie.