Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Junction

Melbourne has several locations called Junctions, but if you are to the south of the city, there really is only one junction, St Kilda Junction. Re-constructed in the 1960s, it is big and it is ugly. Five tram routes pass through it and eight roads meet. While some thought was given to pedestrians with dedicated tunnels and walkways, generally it is quite an unfriendly pedestrian area. You try getting from one corner to another and it can take forever.

Some beautification efforts had been made with plantings, but much of the plantings were native shrubs which are very inappropriate for such a location. They looked scrubby and poorly maintained. Someone at Vic Roads has finally decided to spruce things up a bit and I rather like what they have done. I snapped this from inside a tram.


  1. It looks good. These sorts of touches really help to make the roads look better.

  2. Much better than the weed like plants we have on Sydney's median strips.

  3. Looks great - but I can only hope it doesn't impede the motorists' vision in any way ...

  4. St Kilda junction can really be a nightmare at times just like Moonee Ponds Junction with trams and buses going in all directions :-).

  5. Hi All,
    Doubt anything could impede a motorist's vision at St Kilda junction enough to cause an accident - drivers either know where they are going or they don't. Me, I drive 6 miles around to avoid it.
    Sorry Windsmoke, Moonee Ponds junction is small and so a truly horrid bottleneck, but even I can navigate my way through it [if I'm desperate]. St Kilda would probably take the "You call that a junction? THIS is a junction!" award.
    The flowers are a great improvement, Andrew. Better than a concrete cloverleaf?

  6. nice flowers and stone things, I like

  7. That's a very pretty garden bed. Over here in Adelaide we have crappy looking native grassy things which don't look too bad in the beginning, but after a couple of years growth they just look weedy and so very untidy. It's all "go native" here. hmpf!

  8. They do Rubye. Annual flowers are sorely missed.

    Victor, we have our share like that too.

    No Red. It is such a highly controlled intersection, there is little to check for.

    Windsmoke, MP Junction seems crazy to me. I would avoid it in car and by tram and catch the train instead.

    Fruitcake, it doesn't work too badly for cars, perhaps depending on which way you are coming. It is better than bare concrete. I am thinking of that horror in Clifton Hill where the road goes over the train line.

    Flowers always good Fen. Sometimes stones.

    We suffer like that here too River. There are very few flowers beds now and not too many roses. Too much labour to maintain them.