Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the News

There was a story in Melbourne media news today about a horrible thing that happened to a family member some two decades ago. I am not using specific details that can found by searching. You can work it out for yourself. While she was a bit of a wild kid, she wasn't a bad kid. Her parents had not long ago broken up. She felt unloved. My immediate family took her on, but love from a substitute mother and family was not enough. The murder did not tear families apart, but it certainly was a bad time for all. I remember the endless phone calls from Mother that told me nothing, as there was nothing to tell. Sis in law is very emo, and she sobbed over the phone. She tried so hard, to no avail. The endless questions as to why. The endless tears. Was there a funeral? I can't recall.

In a manner, justice has already prevailed, but not in a way that can be officially recorded.


  1. Hi Andrew, don't need to and don't want to work it out. There are some parts of the news I quite deliberately ignore.
    My heart goes out to anyone touched by this sort of stuff - made worse by the impossibility of pushing the grief into the background and having it stay there so life can go on.

  2. I'm very sorry that you guys went through all that.

    And I agree with Fruitcake. Why do they have to turn these things into news events?

  3. FruitCake, it was so needless.

    Dina, it was brought up again as an unsolved case. Not a bad thing.