Saturday, October 22, 2011

If it ain't broke...

Right, for the third time, after a few months break, I am going to download the phone program from the supplied cd and MAKE it work. There are two small disks, marked one and two. I put in one and the whole program seemed to install and it did not ask for the second disk.

I opened the program and immediately the program told me is was out of date. I followed instructions and downloaded a whole new program over the net. Open the new program and I am told it needs updating. About ninety minutes later, I plugged the phone in and it did actually work. The program opened and I could find things on my phone and transfer them to the pc hard drive or vice versa.

It then asked if I wanted to update my phone's firmware. Why oh why did I click yes? Bells rang, whistles sounded, cogs meshed and lights flashed. Eventually the bright green screen with dire warning about unplugging the phone from the computer faded and the phone restarted.

And all was not well. Everything was still there, messages, pictures etc but it was different. Phone numbers were on the sim card and that is fine. My arrangement of screen icons was changed, with my personally added ones missing. No big deal. I fixed that. Apps have all moved around. Not a problem. They were in order that I downloaded them, now I wasn't sure what order. Android Market won't work. No rush to fix that.

My phone ring had gone. I didn't know what it was, so I tried them all and it appears to be gone. It sounded like a phone ringing. I don't like music alerting me to a call. I want a ringing phone sound. I found one acceptable one, but I think it is the same as R's phone ring. I will fiddle along the way in good time and get it all right.

I set the alarm that evening and it had defaulted. I fixed that, including the alarm sound. Next morning it rang and bleary eyed I pressed and held the red thing on the screen. It did not stop it. 'Are you awake?' R called out as the alarm went on and on. I had to find my glasses and look at the screen. Ok, you have to drag the red slide like when you answer a call.

Later in the day I try Android Market again and it won't work. I google it. Oh no. You have to do a factory reset and everything will be lost.

I checked everything was on the sim card and not the phone and bit the bullet. Reset! Damn, I forgot about the unlistened to podcasts. Oddly, they were still there. But otherwise my phone was just like it was when I bought it, not at all to my taste. It will take time to get it back to how it was, again.

So folks, do what I say and not as I do. If it ain't broke, it does not need fixing. Let sleeping dogs lie. Leave well enough alone.


  1. Yep, I hear ya - my phone is the most basic model available - I can call, respond to SMSes and take photos. At least I *think* I can take photos, I've never tried!

    Hopefully one day we'll all have a microchip we can swallow and it'll all be done automatically.

  2. I don't fiddle with my phone either. Basic flip phone, sends and answers calls and texts, takes photos, which I can download to my computer if I bother to learn how, but why bother? I have my camera for that. I do know how to take a photo and then send on the image, but I rarely do that. Haven't bothered at all with any of the games on it.

  3. A friend of mine has never downloaded a single update since she purchased her computer about four years ago. Not a single one. Her computer is not very fast nowadays and no longer seems to do very much but at least she's has remained the same.

  4. When i first got a new mobile i set it up the way i wanted and forgot about it, as long as it does what i want it to do i won't change nothing :-).

  5. My cell is just for making calls, I seldom send an SMS. When I want to make photos I use my camera. Call me old-fashioned.

    My younger Sis told me all about her HTC and the things it can do, like finding a street [I'll just ask someone when I don't know it] or checking email [I've a laptop at home who's on more hours then the TV]. Just call me old-fashioned AND cheap!

  6. My mobile is as it is, and I shant fiddle!

  7. Don't you all want a smart phone? Some latest technology that can excite you and do your head in too? No? Wisdom comes with age for some.

  8. Just the THOUGHT of having to upgrade, download, customise or otherwise fiddle with anything that does not operate by cogs and wheels, valves or transistors causes sweat to pour from the pores.
    If we do what we always did we will, hopefully, get wot we alwuz got. If we don't... we sulk.

  9. Ah FruitCake, the good old days when all you to do was replace a valve.

  10. A similar thing happened to me. Thankfully (and for some weird reason) I decided to back up all my apps, contacts and messages, coz when it was finished the whole lot had gone!! Then I had to get used to it all again and reload all my stuff back on. I do like the new platform, Honeycomb I think it is. Or is it Gingerbread. Heck, can't remember

  11. Did you perspire heavily Fen? Funny how non physical things can make us sweat.