Thursday, October 27, 2011

I saw her. I saw her

Twelve noon. If I am going to London Government House Drive to see the queen, then I'd better get a move on. Melbourne could not have turned on a better day weather wise if she tried. It was sunny, not hot, and a nice breeze. HRH must feel the cold a bit though as she kept her coat on.

Our gardens, unlike three years ago when they were dry and horrible, looked fresh and inviting. The building is the Shrine of Remembrance.

The vine on Victoria Barracks has mostly come into leaf, relieving its hard exterior.

Let's Beat Bowel Cancer indeed. Note the spook near the statue plinth. I took a better second photo, but he had seen me had ducked behind the statue by then.

Even army civilians were interested and stood on the barracks balcony.

There is an air of anticipation with the royal tram's headlights glistening tantalisingly in the distance.

The apartment complex called The Melburnian dominates with the very tall Eureka building and the silly spire atop the the State Theatre. I believe HRH believes in homoeopathy. The Melburnian is sited where the old Prince Henrys Hospital was demolished. It was originally a homoeopathic hospital, before it rid itself of hokus pocus medicine. The ever learned Jayne tells you about it here.

The brawler van standing by in case Occupy Melbourne anarchists, to quote the Herald Sun newspaper, should make an appearance.

The Duke alights. This prat standing on the rubbish bin did not care about whose view he blocked. Worse were anti carbon tax protesters who held large banners aloft and so blocked off a good area of standing room.

There she is. There she is. I frantically snapped with my camera unaimed. And then she was gone in the bat of an eyelid. I used a very bad word, repeated twice, under my breath as I discovered somehow the camera had switched to the photo stitch setting. Oh no. This was the only photo of her I ended up with. While I was so prepared, everything happened so quickly.

For those worried about whether she and the Duke might be wrestled to ground by ticket inspectors for not paying their fares, appropriate fares for them were bought by an equerry. That will defray the costs, not.

There she goes up Government House Drive to the substantial abode of the Governor of Victoria for a lunch of whiting and asparagus.

After people snapped their photo here, many of them turned and ran up the hill to catch another glimpse or snap.

I intended to go on to the Queen Alexandra Gardens to take some photos, but the barricades prevented crossing the road all the way back to Flinders Street Station. I made my way to the station and caught the train to Windsor for some shopping. The photos can wait for another day.

The fountains in front of the National Gallery of Victoria sparkled. I walked slowly as already my feet were a bit sore from standing for so long.

The Yarra River never sparkles, but it looked quite nice as I crossed Princes Bridge. Renovation works are progressing well on Hamer Hall. Just remembered a post from back in 2007 when I last took a photo of the litter trap. Worth a look.

Now HRH has left the building, I shall revert to being a proper republican instead of, I'm a republican but...


  1. Andrew, you did well....
    At least you put in the effort to get down there amongst the crowds.

    I must admit, it didn't even cross my mind to attend.... I don't like crowds of people I suppose

    Good work!

  2. Hello Andrew:
    We love the pictures of Melbourne - and all those Australian people!! More cannot be said! Have a happy day.

  3. That is so exciting Andrew, and I love the images... I love Melbourne :)

  4. Thank you!
    Too many bods for Feral Beast Teen to cope with (thank goodness he had a school excursion to Queen Vic Market) and so we look to you for the fab pics :)

  5. Hi Andrew, sounds like you are glad you went in spite of the prat. Perfect day, took some great photos, and made a nice old lady feel welcome.

  6. Fish and asparagus??
    Geez, give the old dear a proper aussie feed, pie'n'sauce.

    Is that pink blob in the tram doorway her?

  7. I love Fruitcake's comment; so I'll second what she said.

  8. I'm a republican too, but there is that lure of 'spotting' a royal in the flesh, isn't there?

    Love this line: 'The Yarra River never sparkles, but it looked quite nice' - so true!

  9. You did but see her passing by and yet....

  10. Bonza photos and commentary. Did ya know that five car loads of flowers were collected during the walk to the tram :-).

  11. Thanks Heather. It wasn't much work, just fifteen minute stroll and note I was not too close among the crowds.

    JayLa, I thought Melbourne looked pretty nice. I think we felt a bit dishonoured with only a four hour visit though. I saw a nice YouTube vid of scenery around Budapest yesterday. Very photogenic.

    Cazzie, so different to how it looked in the drought.

    Jayne, apart from the crowd up close to the barriers, many just stood back and watched form a distance. It all happened so quickly.

    Yes FruitCake, I doubt I will see her again or make the effort to. It is the second time I have seen her, the first many years ago from a tram as she went by in a car.

    Aw River....I tried. Did you click the picture to see a slightly larger pink blob? Don't forget she has the Perth barbe for a proper feed.

    C'mon Dina. We all know you Americans are full of envy at not having your own royals.

    Kath, it is essentially a celebrity thing now. Was it ever less? Have to make the best of the river we have.

    Victor...yet I shall love her until the next celeb comes along.

    Mein gott Windsmoke. Imagine how many around Australia. Flowers will be expensive when we go to buy them on tomorrow. I know they go to hospitals etc, but it is rather a waste.

  12. Haha! So you succumbed!! Liked your earlier post about unelected parasites - made me realise how lucky we are to have elected parasites instead!! A much better system, as they are therefore SO much more hard working than OSLTQ!!

  13. OSLTQ

    'Our Sovereign Lady The Queen'?

  14. Says Red with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

    Thanks for the translation Victor. I would never had worked it out.

  15. aw it all looks so very lovely, I hope Queenie appreciated all that effort.

  16. It was an odd collection of people gathered there to see her Fen. Queenie watches can't be stereotyped.

  17. I was trying to save a few keystrokes ...

  18. Red, a rough count of your last comments indicates your saving of keystrokes was pointless, haha.