Monday, October 31, 2011

Hands orf 'em

As if it is not bad enough with all the kiddie fiddlers in the catholic and protestant religions being protected by the hierarchy, now the jewish religion has proved itself to be not above such matters as protecting the accused. God knows what would be found if moslems were delved into. Well, we already know a bit.

There are some things in life you can overlook, but no matter your religion, or lack of it, you can't overlook the abuse, sexual or otherwise, of children.

Although it no doubt has some high faluting name, our child welfare departments seem to be failing too.

It would be nice to be able to focus on the welfare of animals with the knowledge that our kids are ok. Sadly our energies must be expended in many directions.


  1. Child fiddlers are protected too much by the law and do gooders. Never mind the children's right to a normal childhood which these mentally challenged idiots take away :-).

  2. Wherever you place male children with male teachers/priests/wardens and no parental supervision for year after year after year, you will inevitably get sexual abuse. The more isolated the children, the less protected they will be.

    The teachers/priests/wardens aren't evil, for goodness sake. But if the parents, principals and religious leaders don't take responsibility for protecting the young lads, who will?

    See the brilliant film "Oranges and Sunshine" where 7,000 British orphans were sent to remote and isolated religious institutions in Australia after WW2.

  3. Good Parenting should be the prime objective of Society, but it isn't.
    Parents must pay attention to the people around their children.
    Usually I cannot bear to read past the headline where a child has been harmed.

  4. It is a vile betrayal of childhood when those bastards do their evil.
    I see another altar boy has come forward, another victim of fithy Father O'Donnell.
    Hope he gets his pound of flesh from the courts.

  5. There are days when I just feel impotent. Wonder what simplistic solution Jeff would offer all these vulnerable exploited ones.

  6. I agree with you 110% Our children need to be safe no matter where they are.

    @Hels, What??!! it isn't all teachers, priests etc, but really, if they aren't evil, why are they diddling our kids?
    Most people don't do this....

  7. Windsmoke, to take away a child's innocence is evil.

    Hels, sorry, but I have issues with you say in your first lines. Why? Why would it be so? Surely child sexual abuse is not a default position for those who are forced to male to male company? I don't just mean lads either. It happens to girls too. While I haven't seen the film yet, it is on my list, as is the Immigration Museum exhibit.

    Ann, don't people trouble themselves endlessly about being a good parent and then fail, or think they have? This is real minority stuff.

    Ah Jayne, the Oakleigh bloke. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    FruitCake, Kennett, from his privileged background, would have no idea at all.

    River, I just see a slight connection to a recent post of yours perhaps.

  8. Anonymous1:52 am

    "Oranges and Sunshine" is a very interesting film. It even spurred me into finally requesting my own records. Whilst my own experiences weren't quite as bad as the children's in the movie, it still was nevertheless, a bad time. I'm eagerly waiting for the notes to arrive in the post. V.

  9. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Religious and gay people should all be eyed with suspision if you ask me.

    I wouldn't leave my kids alone with any of them

  10. Hmm Vik. There is stuff we don't know about you.

    Anon, being gay myself, you could hardly expect me to agree. As for religion, I don't see that it is particularly connected either.

  11. Unfortunately DHS is so broken I don't think it can ever do the job it's supposed to. Having talked at length with people who have worked there, I'm surprised it works at all.

  12. Fen, DHS does not just need money, it needs resources and passion and some power.


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