Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Gongsater Twins

Jeb immediately came up with the answer about the tv show I could not remember the name of. It was Fat Cow Motel. It had male twins in the cast. They were both blond and rather ethereal in my memory. After finding out the name of the show, I thought I would find a photo of the twins to remind me what they looked like. BUT, internet says no. They are not to be found, well not photos anyway. It is like they deliberately don't want to found.

It took time to even find out their names. The harder it became, the more obsessive I became. At one point I was nearly convinced there was only one of them. While the show was running, I walked past both of them in Glenferrie Road. They appeared to be in character, although perhaps they are always like that.

IMDB has one listed as Carl Henrik Anders Gangsater and the other as Carl Johan Emil Gangsater. They are listed as being born on October 29, 1980 in Stockholm. (hmm, perhaps I should check with James?) One alternate name, Henrik Gangsater. At IMDB they are both noted as being in the talent show Popstars in 2001 and the tv show Crash Palace. I vaguely recall that. I go to the cast list and they are not there, but the characters were called Lars and Sven.

I am getting very annoyed. Who are they and what happened to them?

Here is a clue, an alternative spelling of the family name, Gongsater. Ok, one uses the Henrik Gongsater, but still nothing in the way of a photo or much information. Sometimes Carl Henrik Gongsater, still nothing. Let me try the other using the same name format, Carl Johan Gongsater. Okies, they were in something called Jeopardy. At last, a photo of them. But IMDB again does not have them in the cast list.

I try another tv show they were in, The Big Arvo, a kids show. Nothing. Another, Wild Cat? Not listed in the cast list.

I am giving up. They use various names and there is so little information about them, it seems they don't want to be found. I did well to at least find the photo.


  1. There is much to be said for a finder, or a discover, or a creator of new talent?

  2. I know the face, found Henrik's CV HERE.
    Seems they're known as Henrik and Johan now.
    Appears they've gone behind the camera of late, reading the credits HERE.

  3. Other would call this stalking! ;o)

  4. There is perhaps Rubye, but I don't think I am such a person.

    First link won't work Jayne, but amazing that you found stuff I could not. Can you email me the first link pls.

    People may well suggest that Peter, but I consider it is promoting local talent. And, you never know what might end up in your email inbox when you mention famous, or slightly famous people. That they are attractive has nothing to do with it all. Oh, you did not say that they were attractive. Not sure where that came from.

  5. Did you watch that movie short. It's on IMDB. ttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt2065994/

    I think they're in it.

    Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing.

    I'm going to try to watch some of it and see.

  6. Thanks Dina. I wouldn't have known it was them, but the cast clearly lists them.