Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Absolute Radio


Ms Emily Dean c/o Frank Skinner Show, Absolute Radio.

My dearest Emily,

we out here in the colonies sometimes have delusions of our importance on the world stage. It seems some of you in the mother country are alert to what happens in the far flung corners of your pink bits on the map, such as Alun, the cockerel, Cochrane who knew our Prime Minister was born in Wales, but dear Emily, for a learned person, you are disappointing. Our Prime Minister's name Gillard is pronounced with a hard g. The first letter of her name does not sound like the g in Gillette of the razor blade folk.

Feel free to contact me should you need any minute nuances about Australia explained.

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,


  1. Hello Andrew:

    We certainly look to you for explanation of all the nuances, eccentricities, information, beauty, madness and all that makes up life in Australia 2011. Ms Dean would be well advised to do likewise.


    JayLa xx

  2. JayLa, I emailed that to the show too. I wonder if I will get a response.

  3. Reminds me when living in London I heard a BBC radio news bulletin reporting events occuring in 'Done-ee-din' New Zealand.

  4. Addendum. 'Dunny-din' to make sure of the mispronounciation.

  5. Thanks for the clarification Victor as I wasn't sure. You would think the BBC would get that right, given there is one in Scotland. It always totally disrupts a broadcast for me when a place name is pronounced wrongly.

  6. Media types pronunciation of words and phrases leave a lot to be desired at times :-).

  7. Worse when they are local place names and it is a local news broadcast.

  8. ha ha Jillard. Joolyah Jillard. NOICE!

  9. That's it Fen. Why didn't I put it so simply.