Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cooking the kiddies

You just gotta love a mother who tries to cook her baby son twice in one day in a car, accidentally of course. Frail perhaps? Maybe she was stressed? Methinks she needs to chill a bit and then focus. While it is less of a problem nowadays with remote car locking, let me stand on a big box and tell you something.

Never ever put your keys down inside your car. Keys go into an ignition switch. Otherwise, they should either be in your hand or on your person. They don't go onto a seat because your hands are full. They don't temporarily sit in the boot while you pick things up. Just do not put your keys in the car unless it is into the ignition switch.

For the purposes of this post, children = pets. Don't be cooking either of them.


  1. And never leave a child in a locked car with windows closed in the outdoors whilst you spend many hours gambling inside a casino. This has happended more than once in Sydney with tragic outcomes.

  2. Victor's comment is spot on, this has happened here in Melbourne mainly outside pokies venues and its child abuse in my books :-).

  3. Well spoken Andrew - I always carry an extra set of keys in my bag - just in case!! People with kids or dogs in cars have to be so careful especially here in our hot summers.

  4. Happened here too Victor. It is criminal behaviour and should be judged as such.

    Windsmoke, just another reason why gambling is evil.

    A spare set is a good idea Dianne. Just make sure your bag is not in the car when you might need your spare keys.

  5. oh wow, talk about a bad day. I hope she's learned her lesson.

  6. What Victor and Windsmoke said, near misses should stand as a lesson learned.

  7. A big keyring makes it easier to grab a bunch of keys, although they're then a little harder to put in your pocket!

  8. Spare keys that are on the same ring as your house keys would be a good idea, as most people put their house keys in their bags.
    it's very distressing to read of kids locked in cars, even accidentally, more so on hot days. Interior car temperatures can be 20-30 degrees hotter than outside.

  9. Should hope so Fen.

    Jayne, another thing that seems to have changed, no one can manage multiple children anymore.

    Red, I always try to minimise the keys I carry, but I see people with huge bunches.

    River, and the temp can rise just so quickly too.