Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Acland Street Shop Tops

Yeah, ho hum. I have posted photos of these decorations that adorn a couple of Acland Street shops before, but it is good to see they are still there. A while ago someone knocked off part of the one over the hairdresser. I am not sure if it was returned or replaced, but all looks good now. I am not sure if I believe that they are the most photographed objects in St Kilda, but I am sure they are snapped by many.


  1. They sure add character and a sense of fun to Acland Street :-).

  2. What is the chance of two people in the world, neither of them Acland St citizens, writing about that one tiny shopping strip in the same day? Bloody miracle, I say!

    Cafe Scheherazade: remembering refugees' stories

  3. These are great! I wish somebody would do similar things with our Adelaide shops.

  4. Windsmoke, to a perhaps dying Acland Street.

    Indeed Hels, but I did mention the cafe not so long ago. I just thought you were copying :-P

    River, it could work in Glenelg, your tourist mecca.

  5. I want to visit your country something fierce... until that time, I very much enjoy your little tours...

  6. Who cares if they ARE the most photographed? They're fantastic! Every streetscape should look like this - it'd make this blogger's life easier ...

  7. Well Stephen, you will have time to learn about hoop snakes and drop bears and spitfire caterpillars, and there are probably some online instructions now to learn kangaroo riding.

    Red, I suppose St Kilda is popular because it does have some nice things to attract people.