Friday, September 02, 2011

Two heads better than one

I have forgotten why our friend from Japan had a Tasmanian bear. Obviously it was a gift, but who lives or is connected to Tassie and would appreciated the gift. Regardless, cute isn't it, or should that be aren't they.


  1. Is there a Children's Hospital in Melbourne?

  2. Hello Andrew:
    How very extraordinary. And we are not totally sure.......

    That apart, a very happy weekend to you and R.

  3. I assume you'll be giving Little Jo one of them for Xmas.

    She'll be a star at 'show and tell' in preps.

  4. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Yay, Two Head Ted is a celebrity! He was given to me by a friend as a souvenir of his trip to Tassie.
    This is the same friend who brought back a stuffed kiwi from NZ for me. Said kiwi was put into a NZ McDonald's 'kiwi burger' box; whereupon my friend tried to convice me burgers made from real kiwis were available in NZ McDonald's!! V.

  5. He's an odd looking Teddy. Why the two heads?

  6. There is Peter. You think surgery is appropriate. I think they have shared organs though.

    JayLa, it is a not so nice dig at those who are of Tasmanian origin.

    LS, what a good idea. Or I could string it out by giving her half for christmas and half for her birthday.

    Ah V, he has a name. Two Head Ted. Lol at Kiwi burger.

    River, google 'two heads Tasmania'. It is a not so nice reference to Tassie having a small population and so limited numbers of breeding partners and birth defects.

  7. Now I get it - if it was a Kiwi bear it would have two sheeps' heads - boom boom

  8. I don't mean surgery! I just thought you could drop it off, so some unfortunate kid could have it.

  9. Peter, don't you think a two headed bear might disturb the poor sick kiddies? Probably not.

    V, have you Two Head Ted at home with you now?

  10. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Yes, Two-head Ted is sitting up on the pelmet in my bedroom, along with a wombat! He's very happy...Much better than being in a box. V.