Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ten years on

It is just over ten years since Shirley Strachan, the lead singer of Australia's greatest seventies band (no argument entered into) Skyhooks, was killed in a helicopter crash. I wasn't a great one for attending pop concerts but I did see Skyhooks live in a small venue. The teenage me was almost swooning with desire.

ABC Melbourne's broadcaster Red Symons, a band member of Skyhooks, said it solemnly and without further comment when introducing a tribute, 'It is ten years since my friend Shirley died'.

Of course I had to look at some other Skyhooks clips. I won't embed this one, just a link. Red sings quite a bit and Shirley is topless. I wonder how the sixty plus year old Red explains it to his teenage kids!

Oh, and today is the anniversary of the death of Diana who's humanity changed the English royal family forever. The world is a better place for her having been a royal. A fabulous photo of her here, and a nice one of her ex husband and sons.


  1. 10 years already *sigh* Living in the 70s was iconic, wasn't it? For the Baby Boomer generation (born approx 1946-56), it was almost an anthem. Ego Is Not a Dirty Word was just as big, but not as symbolic perhaps.

  2. I have the book containing that photo of Diana and they're all beautiful but there are a few that reminded me of Marilyn Monroe's last photographs. There's a kind of sadness deep in her eyes.

  3. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Skyhooks were a big part of my childhood. I never saw them live in their heyday but was lucky to see them during one of their comeback tours. It was in a little pub in Geelong, I think. What a fantastic night. What a fantastic band. V.

  4. Hels, I nearly thought I was Gen X, until I notice your wrote approx. Living in 70s was a brilliant album and single. I like Ego too.

    Jah Teh, the photo must look nice in a glossy book.

    Glad you agree V. Was Shirley still in the band then?

  5. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Oh yeah, he was right up front, where he belonged! V.

  6. Anonymous11:04 pm

    I just followed the link for the second song - I'd forgotten about that one! Of course, in 1975 I was young and innocent - it was a few years before I understood. I wonder if Twisties was happy for the publicity...V.

  7. Well V, me being only a year older than you, I did not really understand it either. I heard the words and understood them, but in some odd way I did not hear them. I hear about the extreme lyrics of rap songs, and they may well be played on Melbourne radio now, but I can't imagine a song like that being broadcast over the airwaves now. Ah, well actually, it wasn't. It was banned, along with many of their songs.

  8. Anonymous2:51 pm

    I didn't realise there was only a year difference between us!!

    I was surprised to learn just how many Skyhooks songs were banned. Seems crazy now when you hear some of the stuff that gets aired.

    Thanks to you, I had a very pleasant hour or so last night, re-visiting my favourite Skyhooks songs on YouTube. It was great! V.

  9. And V, you can actually understand the words they are singing.

  10. Excellent - had never seen this clip - as well the Diana photos are beautiful - she was so lovely

  11. Same MC. I don't remember him singing this or the clip.