Sunday, September 18, 2011

St Kilda's Rainman

In 2005 I put up a photo of Rainman in St Kilda's Botanic Gardens, or as they are also known, Blessington Street Gardens. This is a better photo of Rainman by De@no at Flickr. Rainman is solar powered, so the brighter the sun shines, the more the water flows. It must have been a very bright and clear day when De@no took this photos as I have never seen Rainman going at this speed.

Sadly Rainman has gone, apparently for repair, but I think it has been quite a while, in fact years since it was operational. I hope City of Port Phillip, who is responsible for Rainman and the now quite disgusting pond, is part way through speedy renovations. I hope. Rainman's pedestal sits unused in the pond. The pond level is low, with murky water and thriving slime.


  1. I believe during the drought most fountains were switched off, now that the drought is over Rainman should be returned his rightful place and the pond cleaned, it looks disgusting with all that green gunk :-).

  2. Obviously, Rainman needs to return to his lake. Perhaps then, they will clean it. He is so cool!

  3. Rainman looks beautiful. I hope they return him to his rightful place soon.

  4. Correct Windsmoke, and a pretty miserable place it was without them. I think it is a work in progress.

    Towanda, it will probably be made sustainable with recycled water and plants to filter the water, along with aeration and hopefully Rainman.

    Well KN, I did find the info that is undergoing repair, so fingers crossed.

  5. Fingers crossed Rainman didn't hatch a tadpole in his spout during the drought and that his return is imminent.

  6. aw I've never seen rainman, I do hope he returns, he looks rather cool

  7. Jayne, I reckon he may have sucked up a whole frog, never mind a taddy.

    Fen, go on a Sunday when the old men are playing on the big chess board and when the roses are in bloom, that would be soon.

  8. Around the country lack of maintenance, disappearances and closures herald our elected 'leaders' slavish devotion to spending pots of money on things we don't want ...

  9. And Red, the loss of annuals in public garden beds, replaced with strappy things.

  10. It is not completely beyond possibility that Rainman has been abducted by Aliens ?!
    (i think we all know this is not the case)
    More likely is:
    - City of Port Philip have, over the last few years, neglected the intended upkeep and maintenance regime for too long, and hence;
    - both the sculpture (including its operation as a solar-powered pump system that provides oxygenation to the pond) and the pond itself are in trouble.
    HAPPILY, this can all be rapidly solved :)
    Via some coordination and activation of/by the very souls that are reading this atm - yep; us !
    Please feel free to contact me directly via:
    to express your interest and support.
    I will do my upmost to ensure that, with your help, this gets done, and Rainman is rescued and re-instaled within the pond he has so successfully commanded a positive wizardry (magical and practical and all natural) influence upon.

  11. Hi John. I think Rainman really is under repair, but I also think you are right. It was neglected. No doubt CoPP will argue, it was the drought. This link mentions the repair.

    If he doesn't reappear soon, it will be time for agitation.