Monday, September 26, 2011

Seven years, but who is counting

It is my blogiversary I shall self indulgently rant.

I started my blog on this day in 2004. I am astonished that someone like me with a very low boredom threshold has kept it going for seven years. Low boredom threshold is what it is about. My blog never bores me. Writing does not bore me. Comments don't bore me. The associations and people I have met and or come to know via my blog don't bore me. Some blogs bore me. Some I read from a sense of duty, but most blogs I read, I do so with great pleasure and interest. The things I have learnt from reading blogs is truly amazing, and suits me muchly as a person who knows a little about a lot. I know an awful lot more of a little about an awful lot more. What?

Me writing and reading what you have written is a high priority in my life. As half of a gay couple who rarely go out at night, and then usually only for dinner, I don't understand why my life feels so busy. At times I work unsociable hours and I do have a family and even have friends. Yet I can always find the time to read your writings, respond to your comments and have a post ready for tomorrow.

What does bore me is when bloggers who become part of your life and you know quite a bit about them, and then they just disappear. Ok, maybe it is just disappointment, not a bore. As in real life, friends come and go. So to do blogmates. I treasure the long term ones.

What really bores me is those who make one or two comments on my blog so that I will read theirs, and yes, I do, and then you don't hear from them again. Collectors of readers I suppose.

Rumours of the death of blogs seem premature. I don't like or read professional blogs generally. I get that sort of reading from newspapers. Blogs were big before social media got a foot in. In a way it is similar to blogging and I have tried to participate in social media, but I only have so much time in the day. Blog is the priority. Blogs won't die although the numbers may have reduced. Maybe what we have seen is a sorting of the committed from the casual.

This should get a decent editing, but I am over it.


  1. I ran a MIRC channel since 1993 and although I travelled all over the world going to channel reunions, the reality was that I was never going to meet most of the long term channel members. Not face to face, I mean.

    Today I added up the number of channel friends who had died since 1993 - 23 people. And they were just the ones about whom I received a notification from the widow or parent. 23 people with whom I had shared stories, received photos, helped with advice.

    Why am I telling you this? Because you wrote "what really bores me is those who make one or two comments on my blog so that I will read theirs, and yes, I do, and then you don't hear from them again". The loss of friends, even virtual friends, is a real loss.

  2. Happy blogiversary Andrew!
    I've only been blogging for 8 months now, but when someone I read a lot disappears it is disappointing. At least in real life you normally know what happened to the person or where they went. Such is life I suppose.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Many Happy Returns of the day!!!!

    We do so agree with you about the disappointment of people who appear on one's blog, establish a dialogue and, then, without warning, disappear. Unlike friends in the 'real' world, one can only guess at what has become of them and all the effort of establishing a virtual relationship seems wasted. That we find too one of the less satisfying aspects of blogging.

    But, we are truly amazed at how you have maintained your blog over such a prolonged period. That is a commitment indeed and we certainly value it.

  4. Happy blogiversary, Andrew! Seven years is quite an effort.

    I also don't understand why my life seems so busy. Maybe it's the social media....

  5. Hi Andrew,
    Not so much a low boredom threshold as a great deal of stick-with-it-ness.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  6. Hurrah, Happy Blogday. Seven years eh, that's great going.

    I too feel sad when people disappear. Recently I went back and read and old post and saw some comments from old, regulars. Not sure whatever happened to them, but they vanished. Hmmm.

  7. Happy blogiversary!

  8. Hels, you were certainly on the net early. I remember MIRC, but I expect you used it for more morally upright purposes than I did. I looked in a year or so ago and so many of the same people were there that were there in the nineties.

    The ones who make one or two comments, I don't care so much about, but the ones you do like and are around for a while, I really miss. So yes, you feel the loss of virtual friends, although I prefer to think of them as friends, but just different to years of old.

    Eight months Towanda, and you are already wearing them down. Take it in the kind way it is meant, but I don't see your blog as burning brightly then exploding into nothing.

    Thanks JayLa. How you keep track of those who comment on your blog amazes me, yet you still miss one when they disappear. The last two commenters have blogs older than mine.

    Thanks FL. I have noticed that you do indulge in social media, and you have your beau to entertain and amuse.

    I am loyal I think Fruitcake, but always as suits me.

    Fen, when I go back to old posts, I see as you do. Whatever happened to???

    Thanks Daniel. You must be approaching fifteen years.

  9. Happy blogiversary, I'm so glad I found you and your blog :)
    You write good ;)

  10. Seven years!
    Happy 7th Blogversary.
    My blog is only 16 months old, I have no idea where it will be at the seven year mark. Hopefully still going.
    I'm disappointed when I lose readers that I thought were "friends" too, but on the other side of the coin, I've stopped reading a few blogs when I found they no longer interested me. Now I'm wondering if they miss me as a commenter.

  11. Jayne, think I found yours first :-P

    River, if you stopped reading a blog, you did it for a good reason, that is it no longer interested you. C'est la vie. I find it hard to believe yours in only 16 months old. You seem to have been around for much longer, meant in the nicest way.

  12. Congratulations Andrew - yours is a year older than mine and I agree that blogs might have reduced in number due to the 'sorting of the committed from the casual.'

    I am in awe of your post rate though - it's a good week for me if I do two!

  13. I must have a bit of backreading to do then Kath. Let me just suggest, it is quantity over quality.

  14. Happy Blogiversary!!!

  15. Happy Blogversary, it does take commitment to last that long.
    Perhaps we need some blog etiquete when you leave a blog perhaps you should say so in a final entry and preferably why. As all blogs have a biographical aspect it must be cool for you to read those old entries,

  16. Happy blogversary. I started my blog in april last year as a hobby during my retirement and its proving quite a challenge as i've never written to any extent before this :-).

  17. Wow! 7 Years! I am impressed & I remain a fan!

  18. Thanks Big Dog. I think a lot of people intend to start posting again but just never do. I can only think of a couple who announced their closure in any way.

    Windsmoke, others may not notice but blog writing certainly improves your writing and makes you a bit more thoughtful about what runs from your fingers.

    Tanks Stephen. I remain a devoted reader of yours.

  19. This post has bored me already, there's no cake, no chocolates, no champagne, not even a sparkler.

  20. Not even a photo of a hot guy for you Jah Teh.

  21. I'm late to reading this...blame it on the new windows, Andrew.

    Well done on your anniversary. I'm endlessly impressed at your capacity to produce postings so regularly and even more so on the range of subjects that you canvass.

    Your interests are so varied I expect to sit back, be the good listener and be regaled by them when we meet on Saturday.

  22. Oh dear Victor. I have set myself up to fail. I am not a raconteur, nor even a good talker.

  23. Congratulations! It's an honour and privilege to follow your blog and have you read mine. Hope the next 7 years is just as entertaining! Look forward to it!

  24. What kind words Red. Surely both you and I will run out of steam at some point.

  25. oh dear I do wish I had arrived here sooner than this to congratulate you on your record. This has always been a wonderful blog and let me remind everybody it was chosen to be preserved by ... um ... some important cultural/govt database of worthy culture(so long ago that I have forgotten their title). Who would have expected that sort of outfit to get something right?
    (I hope they dont read my comments)

    re bloggers: there are several blogs where I have made 100 happy comments yet never ever been visited by the writers.
    lorraine crescent
    will type for food are just 2
    (and I have met these people in person), and it amazes me because they are not blogs who ever get 20 comments.
    this week I have deleted my 165 farcebook 'Friends' as it is getting too weird over there. sigh.
    X X

  26. Ann, I thought it was unwarranted when I was asked, but now I consider my blog is worthy of preservation as a snapshot of a time. It is the NLA who is behind Pandora, National Library Association?

    In spite of no feeback from the blog owner, you persist in commenting. It shows your character to perhaps being superior to theirs. If they have a policy of never responding, that is ok. If they have a policy of only responding to questions, that is ok too, but I feel hurt when someone normal comments are responded to and mine and/or others are not.

    Where can I see your lovely photos now you have ditched me as a FB friend?

  27. Yes it definitely is worthy of preservation. Colourful, sincere, diverse, and so very very Melbourne.

    Facebork pics still there and still public. My inbox was getting too weird. Why do some Fbookers just relentlessly post Uchubed songs FFS.
    They don't have the character to compose a blog, that's what.
    sick of it, and the management of it all has gotten too hard with all the changes. X X X

  28. Perhaps ... but in the meantime I remain committed to giving good blog!

  29. You do indeed Red and today's post was a ripper.

  30. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Oh dear, I've arrived too late to wish you happy blogiversary too. You are so good about acknowledging your readers, and you deserve to have many of them!(readers and blogiversaries!)

    I find it strange how much the activities and opinion of people whose blogs I read feed into my own vicarious experience. I see the world differently because I've "heard" a conversation on a blog. I often find myself referring to "a friend whose blog I read" and wondering if "friend" is the right word or not- "acquaintance" is not enough somehow.

  31. RJ, I know exactly what you are saying. I use some strange descriptions, often like 'someone I know through the net', or 'via the net', or 'someone online'. But in my head I just think friend.