Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Qantas Sux?

My workplace once anonymously surveyed its staff to see what moral was like. Management was absolutely shocked with the result that indicated there was barely a scrap of staff goodwill towards our employer. That was a bad time a few years ago and I remember it vividly. We have all moved on.

I used to feel a little pride in our national airline Qantas. Now I despise it as a money hungry, cost cutting, overpaying management behemoth who treats its staff very badly. I fear a survey of Qantas staff morale would produce similar results to my workplace those few years ago.

I think people used to generally have positive feelings about Qantas, but I have not heard a good word for them for quite some time. Are Qantas not concerned about their media image? While I am sure they pay a lot of money to many to manage their media image, I consider it money badly spent as it clearly hasn't worked.

Can I be specific?

Hiding behind 'safety first'. Be it the farce at Sydney Airport yesterday when two people went through a wrong door and the terminal had be evacuated, planes unloaded and everyone rescreened, or when other planes considered it safe to fly when there was volcanic ash was in the air, but Qantas didn't.

A very hectoring chief executive who pays himself $7 million a year, yes seven million dollars. How can anyone be paid that sort of money?

If a company tries to charge me for using my credit card for paying, I usually pay cash if I can. Mostly you are not charged when there is a practical alternative. Of course there is no alternative when booking Qantas air tickets online and you pay the surcharge. Go to the office to book? Pay a in person surcharge.

Give Qantas some love in comments. Media monitors will be watching for it.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    This all sounds, to quote our friend B yet again, BAD NEWS!

    Happily, or otherwise, we have no experience of flying Qantas.

  2. I reckon Qantas management are their own worse enemy. Hiding behind safety first is a management tactic to cover up bad decisions and other stuff ups :-).

  3. An in-person surcharge? That doesn't seem fair.

    I wouldn't mind $7mill.per year. Just for one year.

  4. Pfft, pay yourself $7 mill, including a 54% increase while telling staff they will lose jobs when it moves services off-shore...and they're surprised at low staff goodwill????
    Looks like they're paying more than peanuts for the monekys!

  5. Welcome aboard the Telstra of the skies.

  6. JayLa, they are very safe. The name Qantas has never lost a passenger......yet.

    Agree Windsmoke.

    River, it is that the office doesn't offer the cheaper flights you can buy online, with credit card surcharge.

    Jayne, clearly spin doctors are not enough to remove the stench.

    Fruitcake, not sure. They kind of make Telstra look ok.

  7. My comment was swallowed up yesterday, and now I cannot remember what I said, must've been a furphy lol

  8. Boom Boom Cazzie.

  9. I've never flown Qantas, there are always cheaper alternatives.

  10. Fen, they can come pretty close to the same price at times.