Thursday, September 15, 2011

The north east commercial god speaks

A SPICKS And Specks iPhone app has been censored by Apple after it was deemed racist to Hispanics.

The word "spick" is often used as a derogatory term in the US for people of Latin American descent.

The ABC show, hosted by Adam Hills, is named after a Bee Gees' song.

The ABC has asked iTunes to reconsider its decision to amend it to S***ks and Specks, after it surged to No.1 on the local entertainment app chart.

"iTunes is a US-based platform and it automatically censors words which are considered accidentally offensive in America," an ABC spokesman said. "We've asked Apple to review it for the Australian audience."

Did the ABC do the right thing, or is this PC gone mad again? Have your say below

The Murdoch press really hate the ABC and take any chance they can to do the organisation down. Murdoch papers are making it sound like the ABC is the organisation which is being politically correct, when it is not.

I think I have come to the realisation that it is not Americans who Australia hate, but corporate America, who many Americans probably hate too. How dare American corporations interfere with our culture and the name of a popular tv show. ITunes, well Apple, know they can because they know their power.

Do we remember back to less than three years ago when it became unacceptable for Australians to blacken their faces to perform a song? It had always been a fun thing in Australian to which no one had ever complained about, and then an American threw a hissy because in his country it was associated with black minstrels and racism. Now, we can't have blackening of faces anymore, as Qantas recently discovered.

So Mr Murdoch, perhaps you would be better to take a good hard look at the imperialism of corporate America, rather than make cheap attacks on our ABC.


  1. When I was at school and someone called you freckle face or four eyes or whatever you learned it was your reaction which gave the words power. If you ignored it the name caller tended to give it up because it didn't produce a result. How come as adults we seem to have forgotten this lesson. Call me what you like it is your issue not mine.

    As to corporate behaviour provided they abide by the law then we can't really complain. If we don't like the way they behave we need to change the rules (laws).

    Apple and others only have power because we gave it to them. If we all stopped buying and using their products see what power they would have. Any one remember Bethlehem Steel or Myspace.

  2. All that you mention above is definitely PC gone mad and over the top. What's next banning a french mime artist because he/she paints their face white and is offensive to african americans. I know that sounds like an extreme example but you never know it could happen :-).

  3. I've always disliked the PC crap! I think it makes phonies of us all. Just my two cents.

  4. Martin1:15 pm

    S***k is ham so I hope that doesn't offend any Muslims or Jews.

  5. What a crock of shite.
    The black minstrel thing was a load of bollocks, too, as African Americans had toured all over the world in black minstrel shows in the 19th century.
    Denying their own heritage, pfft, like corporate America is denying our Spicks and Specks.
    Murdoch.... bah.

  6. Martin4:12 pm

    or vegans (or other vegetarians)

  7. PC gone mad, definitely. I'm sick of this weird correct world we live in. It makes me want to do naughty things

  8. Big Dog, for me it about culture, that is ours being swamped. While what you say about name calling is correct, it does not always work like that in real life. While I may just have a very old and unused Myspace account, I have no idea what Bethlehem Steel is.

    Windsmoke, if Afro Americans find it offensive in the US, then that is fine. I appreciate that. I don't want to offend. But we are not the US. You are right, it is crazy.

    Towanda, generally people don't want to be offensive and if they are and it is pointed out to them, most take note.

    Is it Martin? Not heard of it. My father used to refer to dubious characters as spivs.

    Jayne, I would look to academia to blame.

    Fen, it does make you feel provocative.

  9. I'm ignorant and never knew it was an offensive term.

    I think if enough Hispanic people in America are offended, I understand Apple removing it here....or editing it. But why don't they simply make it available to Australians-only...or make it available to countries besides America?

    I know Apple has the ability to offer different things to different countries. It was a HUGE pain to get Offspring from iTunes Australia.

  10. Dina, maybe they don't isolate it from the US because they can make a bit of money from it? You are right, of course they could, as they do us often, and apparently we do to you too.

  11. Ah well at least we still have our Coon Cheese!!! For now...named after Mr Coon

  12. MC, you'll get my blog put on censorship status in a minute.

  13. As I recall, the 'minstrels' were actually doing a take-off of the Jackson 5. They weren't putting on a minstrel show, or generally making fun of black people. I wondered at the time what would have happened if the same group did a take-off of, say, ABBA? Or the Seekers?? Would that have been seen in the same way?

  14. Seriously Red, does a blackened face mean anything to us? I don't connect it with Aborigines, nor really black Americans, Africans or Indians. It is kind of a dress up and certainly not done with bad intent.