Monday, September 12, 2011

Matter politik

I could pretend that because I was in Japan at the time, I have no knowledge of how KRudd was disposed and Julia was suddenly Prime Minister. But I was in touch with what was happening at home. Krudd's popularity dropped quickly. The backroom bois got rid of him and stuck Julia up as Prime Minister.

Our joy at having a leftie female Prime Minister quickly vanished once we realised she was no different from the rest. She talked the talk and walked the walk, which is the very reason I don't like her. I really thought she might just to talk to us.

I hated former Prime Minister John Howard with passion. What a loser he was to lose his seat to a former journalist, no less. He seems to have forgotten this and is now reappearing in the media and speaking as if he is an elder statesperson.

The real Julia has not appeared, so I am thinking KRudd might not be a bad person to go into an election. Would Australians accept this? I doubt it.

I admit, I was having a go when I said to our ex pollie friend, Liberal Party no less, 'when Malcolm get elected at the next election...'. He didn't bat an eyelid and agreed with me.

I think PM Gilliard is a decent person and I wish she would be herself when governing. Alternative Liberal Party leaders such as Joe Hockey is a decent person, in spite of his politics. Malcolm Turnbull might be very arrogant, but I think there is a good bit of decentness there.

The present leader of the Liberal Party is a nasty, hateful, driven, objectionable and uncaring piece of work. Make of it what you will, but I expect Australia will elect him as our next Prime Minister.


  1. I think both parties need a new leader.

    I'd be happy with Turnbull as the Liberal one and Rudd as the Labor one.

    Or maybe someone else.....

  2. The honeymoon is over for Julia Gillard because of all the backflips and stuff ups. I reckon Kevin Rudd is waiting in the wings ready to pounce when Julia Gillard finally gets the chop, in my books he would be most welcome to return as leader :-).

  3. Dina, I like your last option n both sides.

    Windsmoke, even at my age, politicians can still disappoint me. You would think I would have learnt by now.

  4. Less than eighteen months since he was deposed and it seems many have forgotten how on the nose Kevin Rudd was at the time. Nevertheless I don't think that excuses how he was dumped. It is odd to me that he is seen as the saviour again.

    It is astonishing what happens to people whilst they are active politicians. They seem to lose all decency whilst in office. Then see them interviewed after they retire from office, often in conjunction with retired erstwhile political opponents, and they seem decent, thoughtful, compassionate and understanding. How is it that these qualities go missing when they are in office?

  5. You pose a good question Victor and Malcolm Fraser comes immediately to the fore of my mind.

  6. funny how the libs went through all the decent options, and the one that stuck was the biggest arsehole they could find. the thought of him being the next PM chills me.

    wake me in 2020...

  7. Smudgeon, it was by one vote. I thought he would be pretty temporary. Like you, he scares me.