Thursday, September 01, 2011

Maccas Coffee

Some time ago I had a rant about McDonalds coffee. Mother is food allergic. She is allergic to almost every food known to man and woman kind but oddly, she is not allergic to McDonald's food. It is her favourite place to dine, so dine there we do, every so often.

My post was about how the television advertising showed the McDonalds staff making a nice cup of coffee and serving it in a china cup. That was not my experience. I was served a disgusting cup of coffee for an extremely high price and in a paper cup. I don't flatter myself that my post made Maccas change their mindset, but I am sure what I wrote did not go unnoticed. Shortly after, Maccas went down the road of baristas to make coffee. Yeah, right.

I thought it was Mother who told me this story, but no, it was R. He was at a Maccas place for work reasons. A woman nearby had bought a cup of coffee from the McCafe counter and she was moaning on to her husband that it came in a paper cup and not like it was now being advertised on tv where it was served in a china cup. She arose from her seat and took her latte to the counter and complained. I often have cafe latte. A well made latte is a joyous thing, especially if they get the froth right. It needs to be silky smooth, pattern on top or not, not withstanding. Once the delicious froth is spooned off, below is the delicious coffee.

So what did the McDonald's barista do with the latte that the woman complained about because it was served in a paper cup? She tipped in into a china cup and presented it back to the woman.

All that money Maccas spent on advertising and possibly training some people how to make coffee properly to try to convince the coffee connoisseurs of Melbourne that they were in the running in the decent coffee stakes.

There truly is joy in my life.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Most interesting and revealing.

    For reasons which are probably completely unknown to us, for we have never considered it as a subject, we have never been into a McDonalds. From what we read here, long may that be so!!

  2. Now i have another reason to give maccas an even wider birth, YUK!, disgusting :-).

  3. Gloria Jean's efforts are apparently better, but I will not part with my ill-earned on account of a percentage of their profits underpin the Hillsong Church. I'd rather choke on Starbucks sludge.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha that is AWESOME! You're right, the best froth is silky and gorgeous. Mmmmm.

  5. JayLa, I think I would be quite horrified to hear that you had been to the 'Scottish Restaurant'.

    It must have been funny to see Windsmoke.

    GJ, more paper cups. Yes, Hillsong is a good reason not to darken their door.

    But Fen, it often a lower priced coffee that has the best froth. $4 cups of coffee can be very average.

  6. It's been an assault on Starbucks with fraps/milkshakes/Mcflurries in a flurry here in Singapore.

    And McCafe does serve coffee in china cups (very scratched though)

  7. Michael, I did notice the popularity of Starbucks in Singapore. We bought our delicious kopi served by a lovely lady from a kopi tiam near our hotel.

  8. Don wouldn't let the girls go to Maccas on principle because in those days they did the small milk bars etc out of so much business - that so many went broke - and we got a flat tyre there once when we used their parking lot illegally - maybe that was it. A short while ago I went there and was sure Don was looking down with disgust - but i felt really sick and needed to use their amenities - then had a coffee from the maccafe part - a paper cup as well.

  9. MC, although I do occasionally partake, no good has come from having McDonalds in Australia.

  10. im nothing against Macass way of processing and presenting its coffee but im hoping that they could improved and meet what they're saying in their ads.


  11. Cody, it seems clear that in spite of the advertising, they are not meeting what they say.