Sunday, September 11, 2011

London Riots

I wrote a long and rambling post about the London riots that happened last month. I ended up deleting it. I really don't know why the riots happened, apart from the obvious starter and how the divide between the rich and the poor in Britain grows exponentially. Those disgusting men, yes men I reckon, who move money around the world for their own profit continue to continue on with their wicked ways.

When it is trouble in Britain, I firstly go to The Guardian, a respectable newspaper, and then I check if Pants has written on the subject. She did. You can read it here.

As much as generally I would like to sentences for crimes to be a much higher level of punishment, the sentences being handed out by English courts for minor theft seem extraordinarily severe.

Now, you can challenge me on this by finding the quote online. I cannot find it. I will call it a conspiracy and it is like he never said it.

But I do recall Mayor of London Boris Johnston saying something like, 'These rioters are not Londoners. They are not our Londoners.'

Take ownership, is a phrase often bandied around. Mayor Boris needs to realise that many of the rioters were born and bred Londoners. The Tory party, to which Boris belonged, was big on bringing in cheap foreign labour. It seems you have to do a bit more than just 'bring them in'. Foppish Boris, you need to take ownership of your people of London Town.

Note to self, it is no good writing about topical subjects and saving them for editing a month later.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    You've made two observations here quite well, and both deserve to be taken seriously - one by a Mayor and one by yourself.

  2. Fruit Cake, you are making me afraid. I said something prescient?

  3. I think the London riots were started because a policeman shot a lowlife drug dealer but there could be more to this than meets the eye :-).

  4. poor Boris has to overcome his Eton education. Londoners are not as accustomed to cops shooting people as we in Melbourne are.
    We have had plenty that did not lead to rioting.

  5. Haha! You're an AUSTRALIAN and the Brits doling out severe punishments surprises you??!!

  6. PS I've got one word to say to that - 'convicts'!!!!

    (sorry, pressed enter by mistake)

  7. That is true Windsmoke, but how did it go on to what happened?

    Ann, from my observation when we there, PC Plod does actually plod the streets, unarmed.

    Point made Red. But I am glad they did, lest I or you would not be here.