Saturday, September 03, 2011

If it looks like a duck...

quacks like a duck, it must be a swan.

While my dislike of ex planning minister Justin Madden knew no bounds for the the approval of the destruction of our history and outrageous planning decisions that some have suggested were corrupt, it seems the new planning minister Matthew Guy is tarred with the same brush. Oddly, ex Minister Madden is now occupied with protesting against the construction of a tall building being built near his home.

Number three to five St Kilda Road St Kilda is an approved site for a twenty six storey apartment building. Planning Minister Guy called the development in, meaning he took approval out of the City of Port Phillip's hands, and approved it. The council would not have approved the building. The local residents certainly didn't want it. Just like Madden used to, Guy rides rough shod over council's and resident's wishes and opinions.

What is wrong with a high rise building in a street of highrise buildings? Well, that part of St Kilda Road is not highrise at all. Single and double storey building surround the site. It is a very dominant location, slightly up St Kilda hill from the Junction.

Here are a couple of photos of the site I took from a tram as I passed by.

It is such an incredibly inappropriate location for a twenty six storey building. Clearly there is a lack of influential people living nearby, unlike when the ever so posh Domain apartment building was about to lose some of its views by a tall building being built nearby.

Domain resident's objections were received from property developer and former chief of Crown Casino, Lloyd Williams, trucking magnate Lindsay Fox, former City of Melbourne Lord Mayor, former Liberal Party treasurer and boss of the Australian Grand Pricks organisation, Ron Walker, and state parliament MLC Andrea Coote. I believe one former Federal MP, Peter Reith (balaclava clad scabs on the docks, along with attack dogs, and a son racking up monster phone bills for us taxpayers to pay, and lies about refugees throwing their children overboard from a boat, if you need some reminding), may well own an apartment there too. Their objections were sustained and planning permission denied.

So Minister Guy, I am not suggestion any corruption or favours for mates, but you need to be very careful of the adage, if it looks like a duck....


  1. 26 storeys?

    It's the beginning of the end for that area. Soon enough the whole suburb will be a mass of highrises. With not a tree or blade of grass in sight.

  2. Ah yes - in Flemington, Mr Madden approved a 29 storey building in an area near the racecourse that had no others anywhere near that height.

    Of course, the plan is to ensure that a politician lives nearby and is able to knock it on the head....

  3. Hello Andrew:
    We agree with you that it is so important when areas are developed to retain the integrity of scale and proportion. Compared with the other buildings, 26 storeys seems totally inappropriate and will really have a very negative environmental impact. But how to stop the development machine once in train.....that indeed is the question?!!

  4. Pfft, ignorant fools will have their brief day in the sun and wonder why their public memory is sooooo tarnished.

  5. Once you let 'em build one 26 storey apartment building more will follow even taller if the builders can get away with it :-).

  6. That is it River. It sets a precedent.

    Kath, the little person is not even in the race.

    JayLa, it is very hard to stop once the minister has given approval.

    Jayne, they seem to not care how they are perceived.

    Yes Windsmoke, and it is not like it is not already a densely populated area.

  7. oh sweet jeebus, it's not the most attractive of areas, but 26 freakin storeys. Get out, that is just ludicrous. Once again... most liveable city psssht.

  8. Fen, to use the great old Aussie expression, it will stick out like the proverbial dog's balls.